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Full text of "St. Louis Argus, March 2, 1917"

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"icial Organ of die Supreme Lodge Committee Knights of Pythias N. A., S. A., E. A. A. & A. 

(Hp St Corns ftrgits 

VOL. V. NO. 

ST. LOLHS, WX, FW«*AY. MARCH 2. 1*7. 



-uty Of Every Voter To Exercise Right Of Suffrage 
Legal Protection Guaranteed. Revision and Primary. 
Same Day. 

lore Affidavits On Election Fraud 


hi* address at the Pythian Hall, 

nesdav night, John Scbraoll, chnir- 

a( t'ho Republican City Commit- 

urged his hearers to go to the polls 

lay, March fl and cut their bal- 

ithout fear or Favor, stating that 

Republican City Committee was 

behind every nolo in the exercise of 

lis lawful righta of suffrage. 

The new registration lists just pub- 
lished ahow that several hundred names 
of Colored voters ha vc been scratched. 
Any voter who" finds an **3C 
hia name, will have to appear 
f>l!» on Primary Day and iwear that 
he still resides at the address given. 
The . polls will be open from a. m. 
until I p. m., but voters who have 
been scratched cannot have their name) 
revised before 8 a. m. 

Every effort ia being made by Repub- 
lican officials to forestall any attempt 
to intimidate or illegally prevent 
from casting their ballot*, as was done 
in the November election. These of- 
ficials an in possession of hundreds of 
affidavits, showing that then waa 
whol esale intimidation o( Negro voters 
aTTlie last election. 

' November 7, 1916. 
CoL William Toung, .Eighth. 

Chief of Police. 

" About «:ES o'eloek this morning, 
Sergeant Knvsnagh and Officer He.tcy 
arrested William Jennings, Colprad, 
age 48, married, a laborer, 
3123 Laelede Ave., 0> complaint of 
Charts* Mille, Colored, of 1141 Law 
ten Ave.. Democrat Challenger at the 
polling pb*e.e of Ward 17, Preelnct 11, 
located at 31t» Laelede Ave., Where 
Jennings was attempting to vote. 

Mill- ststes teat Jenninu- was sen 

teneed to urn e» Java In the City 

Workhouse on SeptemDer !1. IMS, far 

petit larceny. He waa brought to this 

station and placed In the holdover 

pending further investigation. 

Rei poet fully, 

(Signed) James Julinson 

Capt, Com d 'g DistVi 

Sargt. John J. Kavanagh, ' 

Pat'n. Luke Haitey. 

November 7, IBlfl. - 
Col. William Young, Eighth. 

Chief of Poliee, 

About 7:f," o'clock this a. m., Officer 
Haatey arrested at the polling place 
of Ward 17, Precinct II, located at 
3149 Laclede Ave., Lawrence J. Tay- 
lor, Colored, age 31, single, a porter re- 
siding at 3110 Pine St., on complaint 
of Charles Hills, Colored, of 3141 Law- 
ton Ave., challenger at above polling 
place, who stated that Taylor has 
aenred sin months in the City Work- 
house, having been convicted of grand 
lareeay. on March 3, 1804. 

Taylor and not rated. Be was' 

brought to this station where he ia 

held pending' farther investigation. 


(Signed) James Johnson, 

CapLCont'g. District. 
Pat's.. Luke Haatey. 

State Of Iflssoori, 


City of St. Looia. 

Jnlins U. WeiL being duly sworn, 
upon his oath deposes and aaya, that: 

I reside at 30C7 Laelede Avenue. 
That t am a registered and ' qualified 
voter in the 11th Pructnet of the 17th 
Ward, City of St. Louis. Missouri. 
That on the Tlh day of November, 1914, 
I tarred as a Republicaa Challenger 
-in the said precinct and ward. Thii 
polling place ia locsted at 31-i* La- 
elede Avenue. - 

When Lawman* J. Taylor presented 
himself to vote, about S o'eloek In 
the morning , he was immediately chal- 
lenged on the jrround tint he had 
nerved three yewa la the penitentiary. 
The challenging waa done by Chan. A. 
Mills, the Democratic Challenger, wh.i 
had 4. slip of paper in his band fro*} 
which he read Taylor 'i name, "ratal 
of the charge was mad* by Taylor, 
Taylor waa reqaaxtad to rata by the 
Republican oOeials of the polling plans. 
if the c barges preferred were sot tru* 
Villa insisted that if Taylor voted be 
would be arrested. Saensingry as waa 
afraid at arrant and fat that reneoa 
said ha "would lent investigate and 
eaeaa baek later and vat*." He left 
the nailing place- An be want ant of 



William 'Jennings, of 3123 Laclede 
Avenue, came, to the polling place 
about six o'clock and offered to vote 
and was immediately challenged by 
the Democratic Challenger on the 
ground that he had bean convicted of 
aome offense and had done time, which 
information he got by referring to a 
list in his possession. Jennings denied 
this and insisted upon voting. Be was 
given a net of ballots, which he pro- 
pared and returned to the- judge. His 
ballot was put into the box. As soon 
as. bis ballot was put into the box he 
waa arrested. 

William' Davis, of 3013 Laclede Av- 
enue, tame to the polling place about 
7:30 in the morning aid" offered to 
vote. He waa challenged by the Demo- 
cratic Challenger, Chna. A. Hills, who 
stated that be .had boon convicted of 
some offense and was not entitled to 
vote. Davis denied sunt and insisted 
upon voting, aaying that ho "would 
either vote tbere or die there." Upon 
voting ha was nrrested.. The attitude 
in bin ease of the, police, was the earn* 
as in the previous cases, seemingly 
unusually anxious to make arrest. Davis 
waa' bald in the polls for some time, I 
presume they war* waiting for the 
■agon. I telephoned for the election 
commissioners to come out to the polls, 
which they did. Upon their arrival 
tbey cited the law pertaining to each 
cases and Davie was released. 

Howard Franklin, of 3002 Pine Street, 
presented himself at the polling place 
about 7:30 in tho morning He wns 
'challenged by Chna. A. Hills, the Demo- 
cratic Challenger, on the ground that 
he had been eon vie ted and had served 
time in the workhouaa -He denied 
same. He waa triven a set of ballots 
and retureeel ]tb*je -to the judtf*. 
Mills said then, "do not pot that' bal- 
lot lota :!'...'-' j-ov" Villa kept instat- 
ing that Franklin waa tot a qualified 
voter. Tbe Republican judge put the 
ballot in the box. Mills ordered Frank- 
lin 'a arrest. He waa held In the. com- 
pany of Davie and they waited for the 
patrol wagon. After the arrival of 
the -election commissioners, when tbe 
lav was cited, Franklin was released. 
(Signed) Julius H. WeiL 
Subscribed and sworn to before me 
this loth day of November, ISIS, 

Homer O. Phillips, 

Notary Public. 
My commission expiree March 2, 1917. 
i Con tin jed on page 4.) 

Y.W.C.A. MAR. 11 

A great mass meeting will opes pub- 
licity week at Wheelley Branch Y. W. 
C. A., Sunday, Hatch. 11, at 3 p. m 
Strong addressee will be delivered by 
Hra Selden P. Spencer, Rev. J. W. 
Martin. Mrs. J. J. Fisher and Hia. 
Mary t. Colt. Special soloist Every 
body welcome. 

Mound Bayou, Mis*., Feb. 27, 1917 
(Special to tbe Argus] 
Dear Sir: _ . ' 

As a director of the Mound Bayou 
Oil Mill and Manufacturing Cora] 
we are glad to report to you 
through tho great generosity and the 
kindness of heart of Mr. Julius Rosen- 
weld, of Messrs. Soars, Roebuck & 
Company, Chicago, 111., our mill hero 
has been saved to tho Negro people, 
and all of its floating debts have been 
settled, aod it owe* nothing now er>, 
pt for tho bond* which he holde^lt 
completely in our charge and taian- 
egcmenj, and up to us to oporntffi 
oo much credit cannot bo given 
Mr. Emiuctt J. Scott, secretary of 
the National Negro Business League, 
.nd Dr. K. R. Motoo, president of Tus- 
kegec Normal and Industrial Institute, 
both of whom ivere Largely inatrament- 
i securing. Mr. Roscnwsld's sup- 
port, i 

I are calling a meeting of the 
Board of Director* at the company's 
, Thursday, March 15, for the pur 
pose of devising ways and means for 
jperation of the plant tho eoming 
season. It is hoped that every mem. 
of the Board will be present, as 
re now on solid footing, and. much 
business of importance is to be trans- 

(Signed) W. P. Kyle, Sec'y. 
Isaiah T. Montgomery, President, 
Chna. Banks, Manager. 


Th,. Way 


"Cause And 

Effect" Drama 

The most spoctaoular 

it of the 


r> get that 

for false legists alien. 

eat aad ar last ad Taylo 

Taylor cast* back an 

To .say ml ad. tie 

The Citixen*' Relief Association hss 
launched a vigorous campaign ti 
curt subscriptions for the benefit of the 
St. Bran* Colored. Orphan* ' Home. Sev. 
eralcharcbca have responded by lifting 
s special offering aad a large number 
of peraona have promised 40 regularly 
contribute to rhe support of the home. 
A smalt contribution .by many peraona 
will hurt no one, yet it will be a great 
bleating to tbe unfortunate little onea 
Rev. E. J. Dodacn, Pros.. E. E. Boyd, 
Viee-Prea, and chairman of the cam- 
paign committee; C- & Graves, 3*4 'j, 
J. E. MfW.n.i. Treasurer. 

After having spent several week* at 
Kansas City and Kansas, Mr*. E. 
Slaughter Gamble ha* returned home 
and report* a very successful trip- Her 
principal business was at Kansas City, 
wbere ahe waa present to aalilt Hra 
Melissa Salad Warren in opening a 
beauty parlor, at 1608 E. lath St. It 
ia said that Hra. Warren own* the 
moat beantlful and up-to-date hnir- 
dressing parlors in Kansas City. She 
made her atart, and t* using the Slaugh- 
ter Ssratem of Hair and Beauty Cul- 
ture. In speaking of Mrs. Warren, 
Ur*. Oasable said: ','Sho is one of the 
beat agents' we mtv»; abe baa won sig- 
nal success by the use of our prepare- 



XanaTa ariii •* a reorder of al I t he 
T. ILC. A., testa*, worker* at Dougla* 
Hall, Tasaaay evening, starch Stb at 
&W p. aa. Each taaaa will have its 
tabie jaat a* It Al Oaring the sarn- 
ptrigst. A flaab Itarat p*cture trill be 
taken of tJaa workers after laaatk- 
aar as arstest at As 

Dr. Stevana, wko bias bean that in 
with th* grip tar several daya, expetts 
to ataa hi* pabait oa neat B aa la y . The 
Bible study will ha l asaaaii ia earnest 
an aext Wadaaanay night. Ott this sp 
proaebtsg Saaeay th* great Spring ml 
Iv wiH a* started- at Central Oa last 
Maaaay, all dsly, ta« Rev .la*. Ham. 
tD*d CnatraTs jmlntt ia th* pastor's 
atac*, awet rreaitaUy. 


During her brief May Mrs. (Iambi* 
visited several cities in Kansas inelnd 
ing Topeka, irhere she spent several 
ilaya aa guest of Hrs. Mathew Qreeo 
and Mrs. J. A. Wilson, who are agents 
of the Slaughter System. 

Notwithstanding the faet that her 
trip was a purely business nne, her 
many friends and admirers arranged 
and carried oat many social functions 
in honor of Hra. Gamble. She stilted 
that ahu naf well pleased with' her 
work at fc'n-Tn City and only had 
word* of praise for the hospitality 
shown her by those with Whom she 
came in contact. 

Supremo Lodge Kritortaiimn' 
littee, reported progress at the 
regular meeting at Pythian Temple last 
Wednesday night. Capt. J. A. Shackel- 
ford, chairman, stated that hia com- 
mittoc was busy nnd that by the next 
good report might be ex- 

port coming from tho ehsir- 
enthusiantically received by 
of the whole. Oeneral 
Chairman W. W. Buckner stated that 
Captain Shsckloford and Col. Chas. A.' 
laTIL, were "live wires" and he felt 
that they were tbe right men for tbe 
right ' place. 

.A great responsibility rests 'upon the 
Ways and Means Committee and tbe 
eyas of tho public are upon the two 
"Jive wires." 
Capt. J. A. Shackelford, Chairman. 
Cat. Chas. A. Hills, See'y.- 

trill be given at Union Memorial 
Church, .Friday evening, March 9, un- 
der the auspice* of Team No. 10, of 
which Ur. John Bracy it the captain. 

This team I* one of the many teams 
working to clear the church of all In- 


Xo all St. Louis, patients and friends: 
1 am very much gratified to aay to you 
that through your many faithful pray- 
er*, my individual prayers, will power 
and faith in the, Almighty God, I am 
again on my feet and at my post of 
duty. For these many prayers, which 
you sent up for roe, for the blessings 
which you invoked so earnestly upon 
nu for my recovery, for the many tok- 
ens' of friendship and interest mani- 
fested by many flowers, an abundance 
of fruits, etc., and flnanclal help (from 
patients) words are indeed inadequate 
to express our heartfelt thank* to one 
s>4 nil. Again, we wiab to aay, tbat 
for the many kindnesses, consoling 
words and sympathlxiag expressions, 
which seemed to have emanated from 
"»c«als of much magnnnimity and rincer- 
ityof Christiana' heart* shown my dear 
un*lJ>elovcd wife during such an ordeal, 
whet at first death seemed 
cvi table and during my sub. sequent long 
perm,! of eonftnswent and disability. 

our heart* wore made to rejoin*, to feel 
that our socinl relatione, oar business 
contact, fraternal, Christian and pro- 
fessional dealings witji the good people 
of this eity irrespective of creed, 

'color , classes or political opinions, 
have been of such a character so aa t 
b:,ve the sympathies and good will u 
such a targe throng of Christian believ 
cvs and for tfaeae expresaiona, we agal 
thnnk you. To the fraternal orders. 
Odd Fellow*, Mason*, Elks, Pythi 
and U. B. F. 'a, with" whleh I 
sonally idenlffled, I am dotlbly grate 
fu! to you for the brotherly attention 
you gave me throughout my entire snn- 
fincment. You were frequently at my 
bedside ever- ready to lend a helping 
hand. My faith in your real, worth to 

'the aick has been increased a double 
fold and we can only admonish every 
good meaning, man to become identified 
«ith some one o[ these good orders. 
As above stated J nm again nt-jny post 
of duty, not completely well, but-nou 
able to resume dutie*. I hope to'eon 
tinue to have your same hearty support 
bleb 'you have given me' for the past 
four years and if I am trusted with 
that self-same confidence as an humble 
physician. I' shall spare no parna to 
fully equip myself to your ge 
satisfaction in that self same humble 
nu inner with which yon were formerly 
served. Respectfully, Dr. J. T. Breed- 
love. . ■ ' . 


A grand concert wae given by Hrs. 
Martha Roberion. February 20, at tbe 
Hod Carriers Ball, and Ken- 
nerly, for the benefit of Bethel Bap 
list Church, it. W. Boberaon, pastor. 
Those who- were not there mined a 
great treat by not seeing little Oeaeva 
Bland in tableaux. " Book of -Age*" 
surrounded by beautiful angels. The 
Three t.) races: Faith. Hope and Char 
ity, were so beautifully represented by 
Hiss Veritas Fort. Miss Georgia Shep- 
herd, aad Hia* Bearie Bland. Hi** 
Adiin* William* aeag a song, which rep- 
resented a son to Mrs. Robemn ia 
■Mother o' Mine," with taw .great*** 
•kill. Hiss Alberta Busby nude a great 
hit in "Wan of a Servant." LitU* 
Louise Hadley sang beautifully, "If I 
only had a home, tweet home." His* 
Victoria Cody gave a pathetic read- 
ing, whieli waa very toothing. Hr. Al- 
bert Ooodwra and Vr. W1M Walker 
were th* comedians aad kept op a roar 
of laughter. A'lovely qailt .tfts given 
sway a* a prist and won by Hra VaJ- 
ercipts at th* door 
We thank all for .their gyaat 

Wham at bTmt Tatk City run 

W man's Excnaags aad Baaoty Parley. 

136 W. 132nd at- ntatav B. B rieUs 
7*tiag. Pttsa. raaa* M-198. . ■ 



Ur. Braey it offering a beautiful 
wrist-watch to the one selling the high- 
est amonnt of ticket* over twenty dol- 
lar* (120.00). 

The affair will b* under the personal 
direction of Mrs. Grace Key CarltO 
who is writ known for her excoQant 
work end success In handling *ueh af 
fairs, and you may look forward to be 
ing well entertained. The 
play, wae written by Mrs. Carlton, the 
name of whieh la, "Cause and Kf 
feat" The playlet deals with the na 
lions engaged in th* present war, witl 
mask especially arranged for th* play 
Admission, 10 tent*. 

WED. MAR. 7 

Under Auspices of the Precinct Organ- 
ization of the Missouri Republican 
Leagne. Clab. Mayor Kiel, Dr. 
Chas. H. Phillips and Other Promi- 
nent Speakers Will be Heard. Big 
. Parade Before Meeting*. 

There will be a monster Ile|iublican 
rally given by the Negro Republican 
voters of St. Louis, Wednesday eve- 
ning, March T, at Pythian Hall, 3137 
Pine St., under auspices of the Pre- 
cinct Orgnnixation Mjf Missouri Negro 
Republican Lcaguo Club. Tho grand 
parade will form at 232D Chestnut St. 
at S p. m. apd all of the Colored Re- 
publican Clubs with four bands. 

'The .principal speaker* will be Hon. 
Henry W, Kiel, Rev. B.' O. Shaw, Dr. 
J. M. Benson, Rev. S. A, Moseley, Dr. 
C. H. Phillips, Hon. Chan. Dau*e, Rev. 
P. W. Don av ant and Hon. John 
Schmall. Benj. Barrow will introduce 
the permanent chairman, Hon. C. K- 
Robinson, who will preside. J. C. Cov- 
in gton r secretary. 

Unsie by Acme" Quartet, who will 
render eatehy campaign songs, O. 
Young, H. Campbell, B. Bradford, Kd. 

Dr. C. H. Phillips, president, Missouri 
Negro Republican League Club; Cllne 
E. Smith, Secretary, L H. Bradbury, 
chairman precinct organisation, Jeff 
Covington, secretary, Wm. II. Robinson, 
chairman organization committee, Ira 
TJoraey, chairman of publicity commit- 
tee, W. B. Cathrell, chairman of 
peakcrs 1 committee. 



Jackson, Tenn., Feb) S4, 1317.— Tho 
fourteenth -.'-Mo^if the .l,:ine College 
Farmers Conference was held here 
Thursday end r'riilay. The nttendance 
was larger than ever before. Farmer*, 
teachers, dortiits, ministers and others 
froin'aluiust every county ifl West 
■ace. Reports showed iliiU great 
irogresa at -being made. Popular ad- 
dresses were made by Mr. S. H. Rob- 
ert", of the Experiment' Statiup; Dr. 
H. H.- Boyd, if Nashville, « 
McDonald, of Nashville, Dr. 
O'Neal, nf Kentucky, Blsho 
Cleave* and Dr. W. T. Vei 
Memphis.. The following is a 
the declaration of principle. 


N. C, 




As usual during Lent the week day 
<er*ices-at All Saint* Church ar* at. 
tracting many who are not communi- 
cant* la tbe ehuBcb. Wednesday ni/ht. 
Ma»*h 7, at S o'clock, Rev. Henry W. 
Miner, in {barge of St. Stephen* 
Houbc. at Ath and Rutger Streets, will 
preach *t D o'clock. 

On Friday night, March 9. Rev. 0«l 
F. Taylor,', of 'Grace Ckureh>, Holy Cross 
Hum, in north Be l^aia, will be the 
-[■.taker. Each of theee preachers will 
hav* aa in tercet ing -message on account 
of the ehorafter of the work they are 
engaged in. All are cordially invited 
10 attend. 


suae rtlrfax Ave. 

Rev. N L. Smith, pastor, will preach 

>t both tervice* Snaday. A cardial 

neleome is extended to all strangers, 

viritora. All member* are urged io b* 

The -plans for Jhe spring rally have 
been outlined aad are sow. ready to 
be pnt .into operation. Every meaiber 
•fill be. etrscetad to do their full doty. 

Oa Monday anaiag, Msreh S. 'I'ruf: 
and Hra A. Y. Ualoae, of Poro Col- 
le*s«. save kindly eonseulrd to pat oa 
-xhibitioa "Tls Poro Movies." Thsy 
h»vs traveled extensively and ar* i*t- 
afl prepared 10 give the pablie a high 
'laa* fatertaiamoat than ever before. 
' Members Bad friends are asked to 

"W* deeply deplore -the (eel that 
so "manioj our" people, in reeeiit month*, 
have become nomadic in. "spirit, are 
leaving the Southland, imoving tii tba 
congested distr'iels- of th* Harta, and 
settling in envinmments to them en- 
tirely unknown. Tu those af 1 he other 
race' who would like to know the can** 
and help us tu cheek tab efflux, we 
respeetfally suggest the following ai 
the meet prnhsnle causes: Moboeta*)', 
injustites. at the judtcU] bar, poor edu 
eational -facilities, and tbe l*ek of oer- 
tafa economic, civic and polit ieal righta 
that are inalienable to a free people. 


, It bant The Hllllon Dollar Mystery 
or Th* JJhieldtifg Shadow, but batter 
than either «f theee. It is the famous 
"Poro" moviet that ar* to be ahown 
at Laa* Tabernacle- I9M Fairfai Ave.. 
Monday evening, Msreh B, at StBO 

Thtat, at Antioch Saptist Church. 
Brcnklyn, HL, -Toeaday ' evehlag. 
March 8, and again at Bt. Jame* A. M. 
F.. Church, corner St. Ferdinand and 
PeadlMon ,lv»., for the benefit of 
Ctaha No. T and 8, Friday evening. 
Hareb W). I* make* no difference if 
ion have asea than* movies ooee^eome 
aad sac them again; you really wftl tot 
know them now, 'for th* Film Editor 
of "Parol' College has wasted no time 
ia adding reel aftar reel to what the 
college first had, thus' enabling him to 
give you a much better entertainment 
thaa before. Yen will really mine a 
Wnadsrfnl treat If yon fail .to cat** 
aad aw these pictures. Admission each 
showing, tea eeats. 


Any one knowing tbe whereabouts of 
etti* .Holmes shsald notify Capt. John 
•o^ef'th* laelede Station.' or Argun 
Tie, Her danghter.'Lnasan Brown 
err* Haoie, lad., "aati her. 

You can ga to the Alabama Kitchen, 
10.19 N. Whltl^-r, next Friday night 
tud get Ue election return*. Ar. 
movements have been made to receive 
I he count as it la being tabulated. 

The Ministerial 

. Social Service Movement to Help 
the Nsgro Near-come r* From the 
South. Mas* Hooting at Oentral 
Baptlit Church Monday Night. March. 

There will be a great mass meeting 
on Monday night, at eight o'clock at 
the Central Baptist Church tu complete 
plans- to direct the great exodus of 
Negroes which.may be espected tn pour 
Into Bt. Luui* this spring aud which has 
already set in. All the pastors and 
laymen without regard to denomination" 
a>e urged to be present. The new- 
comers already here are urged and 
cordially invited to be present,. The 
Railroad Committee, the Employment 
Committee, the Publicity Committer 
and the Committee on. Housing the 
Strangers are to be ill led out on Mon- 
day night. 

Will File Motion at One* for Rehearing 

and Take Other Steps If 


Jefferson. <'ily, Mo- February 2fl.— ' 
Tbe Supreme Court today dismissed the 
contest af I'harle* ii. Turpiu sgaiost 
Anthony W. Powers, of St.' Lonis for 
the office at 1 unstable in tho Fourth 
District. Torpin was a Republican 
candidate and Powers a Democratic 
candidate st the November election, 

Power* was .elected on the face, of 
the returns by.dfty-four votes and took 
office. Upas a recount he was declared 
elected by six vote*. Ia the contest 
Judge Raasieur held Turpin had a plus- 
alily- of twenty seven. 

Power* appealed and the Supreme 
Coast held Power* was elected by .' 
eleven vote*. The- court disregarded 
thirty eight haluta east' for Turpia 
upon tbe ground the voter* hod written 
their names at th* ~bottom. Judge 
Grave- wrote tba controlling opinioo- 

Hr. Torpia anaoaBce* that be will 
He a motion fqr a- rehearing at once. 
If this fails, others steps will be taken.. 


A general nuts meeting of Negro 
Republican voter* will be held at the 
[muglaas Hall, Beaumont and Lawton, 
Sunday, March *, 3 p. m. Prominent 
s^-akrr* win disease local political 
consStloaa All candidal** invited. W. 
at Moor* will preside. 


B7 Oson* Samuel*, Jr. 

ddren's party was given at the 
Baptist Church, Tuesday night, 
ry EO. The older people were 
u children and ill enjoyed a 

I avwaing. A minttral show 

ran mt Crow* Hall on Washing- 
JWrthdnj, February SB, by Cnmp- 
*Ch*pel Church. A large number 
i. proton t' and enjoyed the exereiaei ; 
pritel (or aolling the moat number 
Bckr-ts were iron by Misses Maggie 
lama and Minnie Maya. ..... -The 

EnBtptiit Church Sunday School 
i a, patriotio meeting Sunday mora- 
Fabruary *S, directed by the n- 
atendent; Mrs. Dora Laury. A 
thy program wu rendered, after 
pastor, Bev. 0. 0. Mason 
excellent sermon on patriot- 

It, and report* her mneh improved — 
The Washington Birthday' program and 
box (upper at Olade School wm quite 
mom.. ..lira. Virgic BUeh, of St. 
Louis, visited home folka here hut 
week.... Mr. Peter Swink, of Farming- 
ton, apent the week hero Tiriting rela- 
tive* and friends. 

By J. at. Jones 

Dr. W. A. Lewi* (pent Sunday in 
Columbia a* the guest of hla mother, 
Mr*. Pooler. . . .Mr*. Prank Taylor died 
rrniay. February £3, at the aga of TO 
year*. She had been a member of the 
A. IG E. Church for 14 years from 
which the funeral' services were hvsld, 
Bav. J. D. Sinclair and Dr. 

Stephen*, officiating Bav. Jony 

Ballentine prenched at the A. M. E. 

Excellent mutie wn»' furnished by Church Sunday night Miss Myrtle 

quartet and other*. Mnl ' Anderson, of Nashville, la Tinting 

Talboot preelded Quarterly; friend* here and in Aapen Hill. ...Be*. 

held at Allan Chapel Ban. Sandy Thoma* preached at Mt, Zion 
ebruary ■ '■■>- Presiding Elder Baptiat Church Sunday. . . ; Mr. Edward 

Methodist Church U now engaged in 
* revival. Rev. Poston W*I called to 
assist the while minister* of our city 
who are engaged In a revival service. 
March 5, Rev. Reynolds, of Farming- 
ton, will appear on the battlefield. 
Featu* i* expeelad to be benefited by 

U* presence Last Sunday afternoon, 

the Maaonic Order held memorial aerv- 
iee* of the late M. O. Riehata. The 
eulogy of hi* life w*» given by Prof. 
B. F. Adam*, • brief sketch of hi* life 
by Mr. A. N. Charleston, followed by 
other aelectiona. ...Mr*. E. Matthews 
1* again suffering with a severe misery 
In her head. . . .Mi** Esale Jackson met 
with a painful accident by dislocating 
her knee. ' 

of Springfield, and wife, were 

BT. CLAEtt, MO. 

By Fashlole* V. Murray 

e Maionic Lodge had a memorial 
Sunday... '.Mr*. Cha*. Murray 
returned home after a pleasant visit 
Mr*. Lylee and danghtere, of Web- 
er Groves Madame* S. E. Bell aid 

&tumy, Mia* Cora Lyle* were the 
guests Of Mrs. P. Brooks, of Banloch 
Park 'ia*t Saturday . ■ . ■ - Mr*. Eosie Gen- 
erally was the guest of Mrs. Lacy Jack- 
son Tueaday. 


By E. Q. R. 

There ware quite a number of social 
event* U our little city the peat week. 

Messrs. John and Henry Borgette, 

of St. Lout*, were recent visitors 

Mrs. Edward Coffman waa painfully in- 
jured last week bat i* improving. ... 
-Mr. Antwlne Bnrgette 1* very ill at 
preeent ... Mr. John Mlnger, of Chester, 

vUitedhere Sunday Do yon wish to 

know the event* of your raoe without 
the sensationt Then become a rs 
of the Argun. It U the *nb*crfbnr , s 
beet companion and the. advertise] 


1* out of town on business 

Dr. J. L. Leaoh and Mr. Henry King 
have bought out Mr. L. D. Young's in- 
terest in the undertaking business 

Prof. Watson gave a motion picture at 

several of the churches last week 

Matter Floyd Martin, cut off hi* thumb 
while splitting wood 'last week. 

By Mt** O. Vail * 

After closing a very lucceaafnl term 
>f school. Miaa Corrlnne Wilkin* ha* 
returned to her home in Farmingtoo. . . 
Mian Edadna Lewis, of Bt, Genevieve Is 
the guest of Miss Mildred ChappeHe. , . 
Mis* Augustine Swink attended church 

River Anxvasse, Sunday Mr*. 

Matilda ChappeHe returned home Tues- 
day from Farmingtou, where aha had 
bean attending haf sister, Mrs. E-Dontb 


By Bobt, J. Bamay 

Mr. Bobt. Bowling, one of the old- 
est and highest respected members of 
Horbron Lodge 1711 O. D. O. 0. F., died 
Wednesday, February 81. The funaral 
wa* held from the Mt. Olive Baptist 
Church, Bev. J. a Swift, pastor, officiat- 
ing. Mr. Bowling wa* a member of 

said church for 3* years Miaa Col- 

linda Heater, of the A. and I. State 
Normal, Nashville, Tenn., Is spending 
the week end with her parents, Mr. and 

Mr*. Ooo. W. Hester Mr. Jul. H. 

Bowling, of Indianapolis, Ind., was 
called to Clarksvill* on account of the 
death Of his grandfather, Mr. Bobt. 

Bowling Bishop B. F. I<ee, D. D., of 

Wilberforco, O., filled the pulpit at St. 
Patera A. M. £. Church Sunday. W 
are always glad to have tho bishop wit 
as.... Mr. Roberts, * prosperous me 
chant, has- been a little ill but is coi 

valoseent Mr*. J. E. Crisp and so 

J. E^ Jr., returned to their home i 
Gary, Ind., after spending several 

weeka with friend* here. Mrs. Susie 

Putins ha* been confined to her bed for 
seven! days...HI**e* Era* and Cosmo, 
Meriwether mido a dying trip to Elk- 
ton, By., and greatly enjoyed the social 
affairs whHe there ... Mra. -Mary Dixon, 
wife of Hon. Naee Dixon, is reported 


By Mr*. Leal* Laird 

Sunday, March -1, at 3 p. m., Black 

well Chapel A. M. E. Zlon Church, will 

hayo their Sacrament Services 

Bishop L. W. Kylos preached a splen 
did sermon February BE, the collectioi 

IT.00 A large audience waa apir 

itually fed. by a- wondor/ul sermon de 
livered by Bev. B. F. Abbott, of Bt 
Louis, at the M. E. Church. Feb. SS, at 
m. Bev. Brunette, of Kirkwood, 
Bav. Clark, of Wellaton, Bev. Person, 
of Webster, Bev. C. F. Cotlins, of.Web- 
ater and Bev. J. H. Payne, of Howard 
Place wore preaeni.' Collection for the 
day was ISS.KJT Rev. Br.ooka reports 

good work in raising benevolence 

Rev. and Mra, Grant Morrison enter- 
tained with an elaborate S o'elock din. 
ncr on February. 22, Bishop L. W. Hyles, 
Bev. 8. D. Davis, Prof. J. W. Martin, 
of St. Louis, and Bev. a P. Collins, of 
Webster.. ..Mr. end Mrs. Albert Os- 
born entertained with an elaborate din- 
ner last Sunday, Rev. and Mrs. J. E. 
Buckner and Rev. Denny, the African 
miniatbr, who delivered a wonderful 
sermon at, First Baptist Church last 

Sunday Mra. Emma Brown, of W. 

Shady Ave., had «s her guest Friday, 
Feb. 23, to a dainty luncheon, Mrs. 
Lillia Molton, of Bt. Louis. .. .There 
was a joyful evening apent Thursday, 
February --. at the residence of Mr. 
and Mr*. Stone, during a reunion of 
their children and grandchildren 
The ham* of Mr. W. F. Frierson was 
completely destroyed by lire Feb. 37. 

Mrs. Wra. Bowers is in Barnes 

Hospital for medical treatment Mr. 

Ben Parks and Mr. Jesse Glaason are 

convalescent after a brief Illness 

Mr. Willis Harris accidentally cot one 
of his hud* but Sunday on a pieee of 
glass. . . .Mr. Wm. Bowen is improving. 
having met with an accident last week 
while riding in an automobile. .. .Sub- 
scribe for the Argue and tell your 
friends of one of the best papers of our 
race. Help to make it so. 


froa* *> business trip in Houston, Tex., 
andJoaeaboro, Ark. ...Bav. A. It. Stan- 

•on U quite ill at home on Alice St 

Walter Johnson, after several 
weeks' confinement with small- poi, is 
abla to be oat again. ...Bav. J. H. 
Nevils preached at Pleasant Hill- Bap- 
tist Church Sunday morning and Rev. 
W. T. Eaaley at night. . . .The union re- 
vival elosed at the A. M. E Church 
Sunday evening and began at Central 
Baptist Church Sunday night and will 
so continue until every church In city 
la ranched. . . .Bav. T. Parriih left Mon- 
day On a business trip in E; St. Louis. 

The Preachers' Conference met 

with Bev. Pariah, of 91* Benton St... 
The Stewardess Board of the A. M. E. 
Chore)), was highly entertained last 
Tueaday night by Mrs. S. E. Townsond, 
bt har homo on Alice St., a two-ei 
menu was served by the hostess. 
Ladies' Community Club met at the 
residence of Mrs. J. J. Redmond Mon 
day, with 10 members present. Mas 
dames A. E. .Alexander and L. Pariah 
wan guests of tho club. The club 
donated during the year of IBID, (23.05 
for charity, leaving a~ remainder of 
fS2*0. The next meeting will be 
March 12, at the home of Mrs. W. R. 
Wyntt. There will be election of -of- 
ficer* and lunch will be served for ton 
cent*. Mrs. M. E. Wyatt, President. 






Mra. Victoria Clay- Hatty 

100 N. Jeffoison Ave. St. Louis, Mo. 


By Ml** II. N. Jones 

A Literary Society was organized at 

Lincoln School last Monday, among the 

seventh and eighth grade pupils 

Mrs. E. A. Parks Draadale spent the 
week end visting her husband, and at 
Allenvillo Saturday. . .Mra. Suaie Hicks 
ha* returned to her former home in 

Jaekaon Mr. and Mrs. Lafayette 

Hamn's six-y carol & daughter, Crysta- 
lee, died at their home after a five 
weeks' illness. .. .Sunday Rev. Brew- 
star waa pleased to welcome the Sunday 
school scholars as they gathered at 
Pleasant Green Baptist Church; the 
president of the district Sunday school 
convention, Dr. W, U. Lowrio, was pres- 
ent *nd took part in the service 

Bav. M. S. Smith, Mr. Henrv Inorn, 
Prof, and Mrs. O. 0. Nance and K. D. 
Townsend attended the quarterly meet- 
ing services at Jackson, Sunday 

Mr* Addis Baker, of St. Louis, is visit- 
ing her brother, Mr. John Bice. 


By t E William* 

s Haiel A (brooks, or St. 

guest of Mies Mildred Rol 

Irs. Wm. Brown is on the si 

(Continued on page I.) 


CHAS. 0. WATSON, Prop. 

n>* Bift Cnt R*t* DRUGGIST. Everybody W**ce* 

N*w L*c*ted .1 COMPTON and LACLEDE AVE. 

Mrs. Samuel Boss Is (till confined to 

her bed Little Lottie Jackson, who 

--. a* shot accidentally by her little fivt 
old brother, U improving Tht 

Special inducements to I 
In hair drsasing ud weaving. A trial 
la -11 I ask. Mrs. J**. N. Beaaley, 1100 
N. Cornell avenue, Webstar Groves. 


By Mr*. 0. P. Jackson 

Prof. J. Sylvester baa returned home 

Vital Importance 
To The Ladies 

Z*n*1 Toflai 
•ro**MM •*., « South Swing Ava- 
ls. Lewis. Me 


White people who have bought more 
than one thousand lots in old lOnloch 
Park have been paying the same price* 
on tho same term* a* the Colored peo- 
ply wh.o have bought In South B3nlooh 
Park If there 1* any difference, the 
Colored people have been -getting the 
best of it, because South Elnloeh Park 
is nearer the city and ha* better street 
ear service. 

The good Colored people of South 
Elnloeh Park have built themselves a 
little city of which they have * right 
to be proud. v 

Mora than a hundred home*, three 
churches, and a splendid public school 
have been built in tie last few year*. 
And now wa have something new 
that is going to mean a bigger and bat- 
ter South Kinloch Park. 

Wa have been able to induce, a num- 
ber of white people of good (tending 
to come in with us and eo-operata with 
us — to help with their money, their In- 
flntnee and their good will to make 
South Elnlocb Park a bigger and bet- 
ter plan* for the self respecting Negro 
to live and make hi* home. 

Wa have given these people a big 
ehare of our profit* In order to gat 
their help, because wa believe It it for 
the benefit of everybody concerned. 

Wa have alway* been ready to giv* 
land to the churches at a nominal price 
— tweanso we believed they would help 
South Elnloeh Park. 

Wa have alway* been .randy to giv* 
land to schools and pablla institutions 
at a nominal price — beeausa wa believed 
they would nalp Booth KfnJoch P*rk. 
And now w* are giving bind to a ear-, 
tain number of white people of good 
standing at a nominal price because 
we believe their money, their influence 
and their good will are going to help 
South Klnloch Park 
. If yon have any frland* who bav* 
been JtoMaj| of buying,' urge them lo 

out now, because there are bigger 
better things in store for Sooth 

Kinloeh Park. 



The sooking and sewing elssaaa of th* 
Banaskar Evening School, Loea* and 
Ewiag Avsa., offer splendid uupuituni- 
U«* to woman ind young girl* wishing 
iniu-uotions in thoaa braas h aa. Tha 
school is open every Monday, W l i ana 
day aad Friday 'nm T to * f> m. 
Everything la fre*. 


$28 TO $40 PER WEEK. 

We. Mad* asOy by Xvdya Martam 
VUg. 0... (lH W. BaBe Ptaaa, «. 

3tx ft. Sou Ktgm 

arr THE 




suascmrnon ratioi 

I l, Wl .1 l*« To 

i„ r«v Jn Tn« * rm. i 




A great many American white men and women who have taken 
the pains to note the disgraceful manner in which Negro subjects of 
this country have been treated, are somewhat alarmed and in agreat 
measure, in doubt, as to whether Negroes will remain loyal to the 
country in case of war with any foreign nation; these white men 
and women feel that in view of the many wrongs that have been 
heaped upon the American Negro since ru'a emancipation, he will 
avail himself of the opportunity in some: manner to get revenge. 

To alleviate this mental unrest and at the same time to prove 
to those who indulge in this thought, that the American Negro 
does NOT hold malice like the American white man, it behooves 
us to delve into the past, that the future may be clearly understood. 
In the early sixties, after more than two hundred years a 
slave, steeped in ignorance, bought and sold like so many cattle, 
history tells us that many fought nobly to help preserve the Union 
which we all are now enjoying, while many others remained upon 
their master's plantation like a true and faithful dog, guarded 
the master's wives and daughters while the masters were at the 
front fighting to keep them in slavery. IF THBRE WAS EVER 

When the news of the proclamation freeing, all slaves went 
flashing over America, and slaves were told' that they were free 
and could go where they cared to go, Negroes did not turn upon 
the men who for mqre than two centuries had driven them at the 
end of the slave lash, and treated them as though they were in- 
human and their bodies were but things to be abused; instead of 
seeking revenge, the Negro, like a child who for the first time suc- 
cessfully walks alone, toddled out into a great big heartless world, 
untutored, penniless, some hatl.ess, some coatless and some with- 
out shoes on their feet; some wandered away from their former 
slave homes in a delirium of aimless joy, and like a-captivebird 
that haa suddenly been liberated, they knew not wither they went; 
but only knew ( that they were free. Others, dazed and stupefied 
by the knowledge that they were no longer slaves, and would no 
.longer have to undergo the torture of the overseers whip, knowing 
their destitute condition and frightened at the thought of 
gijing Out into a cold and mnfeeling world, unknown, unwelcome 
and uneducated, begged to be allowed to remain with their former 
masters. Even these held no bitterness in their hearts reward their 
former owners ann those who had misused them. 

In all of America's wars, during slavery and after slavery the 
men of the Negro race have shown their loyalty to the country in 
no uncertain tone; for when ANY man, be he white or black is 
patriotic enough to give his life's blood for his country^ knowing 
at the same time that he is hot treated as other men, can any sane 
person doubt his loyalty '.' 

If the Negro was loyal to this country whan his children were 
being sold on the* block to the highest, bidder, when his life would 
be bartered for gold and when his daughters would be prostituted 
and raped almost before his eyes, why should ha be disloyal NOW? 
Shoved out into the world, with the unsympat hizing northerner 
on .one aide and the hot-headed, revengeful [southerner on the oth- 
er; left to make his way the best he might and later, when it was 
found that despite the many obstacles strewn in bis pathway, .he 
was treading the right way toward fullSedged citizenship, when it 
was aeen that ordinary obstacles were being turned, into stepping 
stones by the despised Hegro, the unsympathizing [northerner sat 
idly by and without a diss* at ing voice saw the hot-headed revenge- 
ful southerner resort to mob taw, burnings and nightriding. Seeing 
that no one protested these drastic measures, the impulsive south' 
emer began to make laws that would atrip tho Negro of his man- 
hood rights: infamous jim crow laws, freak and unwise laws to rob 
the Negro of his right to vote; not to speak of the thousands of 
petty city and county ordinances all aimed at a people who are ex- 

Notwithstanding all of these humiliations, the America Negro 
can be counted upon to uphold the integrity of America in case of 
trouble; YES. he will regain ashe always has been, LOYAL. He 
is not looking for revenaje. for God said "VENGEANCE IS MINE" 
and the American Negro STILL believes in God. He realizes that 
even if the American white man has for ages blinded him with 
false promises and led him to hope for that dispensation of justice 
which seems but a myth.-GOD HAS EVER SEEN TRUE AND 

Bach is claiming your suffrage on his record, and of course, the 
Negro will be most interatedin those men whose hearts are right 
on the question of Equalright* to alt mca r>«ror« f A« law. This 
information should be sought diligently, that the undeserving may 
not receive your support 


Last Thursday morning as the news spread of a conspiracy 
between Germany, Mexico and Japan against the United States, a 
few of the bravest white men in the south went on the war path. 
About five hundred of them banded together and marched upon a 
poor defensteas colored woman, seized and lynched her, leaving her 
body hanging to a tree. Their victim was Emma Hooper 1 , 46 years 
old of Hammond, La. Her offense was that she beat a colored boy. 
Call on the same crowd of brave men. to defend the flag and they 
will find themselves helpless because they will not find the enemy 
tied hand and foot, and they will not have the advantage of 600 to 1. 
SracA /• Their Bravery. 





Men Of Prominence Sight 
Many Good Thing* Accom- 
plished During The Pres- 
ent Adaninistratien. 

Business Ability, Honesty 
And Fairness Should Com- 
mend Him To Our People. 
True Justice Demands 
Another Term A* Ctty'i 

Mayor Kicl'i admin it I ration hai 
been oaa of splendid achievement*. Bt, 
Louis, is not only holding it* pluco 
as tho fourth city-of tho United State* 
but will noon be m contender lor third 
place among the great munieipalitin 
of the nation. 

Under Major Kiel'i administration 
a consilient fight has been made for regardless of race, to 
new industries, end a greater St. for Henry W. Kiel 
Louii. March 9.191T. 

A* St- Louis grouts industrially anil Rev. B. O. Shaw, 

commercially our people will be the 
bennficlaries along with all the other 
people' of this community in sharing 
tho benefits, of a well- eondnc ted bueV 

ess administration. 
i::'i<-- Mayor Kiel's administration 

ia Free Bridge has been completed, 
and transportation over the river 

ing the people thousands of dot 

Mayor Kiel's administration- ha 
bolished the dangerous grade eroaa 
inga, which have stood aa death trap* 
for many years. ' 

Under Mayor Kiel's administration 
the present system of universal trans- 
fen waa adopted, and now we can go 
from one point to another over the 
various line* of the United Railway* 
Company for one far*. ~ 

Mayor Kiel'* administration ha* 
recognised onr raee ,by appoioting 
soma of our men" to responsible posi- 
tions. We have now for the first tim* 
in 'the history of St. Looi", a man -of 
onr race filling the position as Assist- 
ant City Counselor under appointment 
made daring, tire Kiel adminietration. 

We have in one of the police courts 
two men of onr race filling .position* 
a* clerks.' These men are in com- 
plete charge of the records .of the 
court to which they ha** been .as- 

W* have man of Our race filling re- 
sponsible position* as clerks, inspect- 
ors "and foremen in the various depart 
meat* of the eity. Borne are. filling 
position* never before held by Colored 

the lnrg 


Every voter should avail himself of the opportunity to vote at 
the coming primary on March 9th. To neglect by carelessnesi 
indifference >a a crime, not only to one self, but to the community , 
bis loved ones and hu friends. 

The ballot is a powerful weapon and a mighty defense when 
properly used, therefore, every man sbouH anxiously await bis 
opportunity to cast his vote, without fear or favor.' for the best 
ruen who seek his .suffrage. ..fn the coming primary, there are 
'many in .the race for the Board of Aldermen, and other offices. 

The City Hall, Municipal Court Bldg 
and Court House are in charge 01 
Negro Custodians. 

Mayor Kiel has approved an «< 
dinaac* for a community park _aad 
playground opposite 
Behoof and when completed, under 
present plan*, will eoee between 1150, 
and teOO^OO. Mayor Kiel favor* 
extension' or these playground* to 
all section* of the eity, so that 'places 
of recreation may be easily accessible 
to a great number of people who 
not .afford to pay ear far* 
er parka. 

The major's conference committee 
is an advisory organisation to confer 
with the mayor on matters pertaining 
to the later*** of the eity. Thia com 
uiittee is composed of represent Utiv** 
from the eivio, business and industrial 
organizations of thai city. 
committee we bftve one of our twee as • 
representative of our paopl*. The po- 
rtion of Sergeant at Arms of th* 
Board of Aldermen Is tiled by a man 
of onr race. 

Is view' ot the ipleadid record a* 
Mayor Kiel's sJmlalsiliaanna,. sad a 
disposition on hia part to be the mayor 
of all the people . regardless of race 
or couditioa wo feet that ft change.** 
this time would be a backward step 
for onr great! eity. 

Therefore, wa' take this method of 
indorsing the sloaorabls, Henry W- 
K Set for 

pastor of Zion 
Church; Bev. Wm. Feck, pastor of St. 
James A. M. E.; Dr. Chan, H. Phillips, 
Harry Q. Douglas, druggist; Dr. J: B. 
Bell, Rev. E. C Cole, pastor of Provi- 
dence Baptist Church; Robt. L., Phil- 
lips, Buainesa AJJent of Holloing Labor 
Local No. 3; Rev. A. H. Booties, pas- 
tor of Baptist Charon, 393B Papin St; 
Geo. W. MeKoin, undertaker; Bev. J. 
Douglas Herben, 3130 La Salle St.; K. 
W. Kent, W08 Chestnut; L C James, 

D. D. R; Rev. W. L. Smith, pastor of 
Lane Tabernacle; Thomas Humphry, R. 

Brow, trea*urer of Building Labor 
Local No. 3; 8. D. Irving, trustee of 
Building Labor Local No. 3; E. 8. Tay- 
lor, attorney; Dr. W. 8. Brabham, Jo- 
seph Smith, attorney; Bev. W. B. John- 
son, pastor of St. Paul A. M. E. church ; 
Bev. H. H. Harris, Eugene Bobiaion, 
Thomas, Wilson Dawson, Q. H. 
Thomas, Ben F. Barron, James Bykes, 
Qlen Jackson, Bam Crirto, Chas. F. 
Overton, Thomas Holland, BenStovull 
Bufua Brawlsy, J. H. hfcDnniels, O. In- 
gleton, Norris Thompson. Henry Toe Iter, 
McAfee, Tone WUliams, A. B. 
Eaaley, J. W. Catby, H, Bright, P. O. 
Johnson, E. H. Harris, dmggilt; A. E. 
Hawkins, Joseph Bebafler, H. M. Tor. 
qer, J. L. Henderson, J. W. Beard, L 
Harrison, J. Banders, Bev. J. K: Parker, 
pastor of Pleasant Green Baptist 
Church; C. W. Williams, contractor; W. 

E. Smith, Gem- Wm. H. Butler, W. H. 
TJmatesd, Earl Williams, L. hf. Jones, 
John tlreyer, A. R. Oarker, Sherman H. 
Jacobs, O. L. Person, L. H. Hall, Clar- 
ence Jones, Arthur J. Smith, Chss. M. 
WolfsesJes, Emmet Carr, Thomas W. 
Whiting, A. Mca ore, Morgan Baker 
J. Meade Benson. WD, Jea. L. Velar, 
merchant; ' Henry Green, merchant; 
Brie* W. Hallstoek, John Lowny, mer- 
chant; Edw. Goth, contractor of grad- 
ing; Chas. G. Townaend, Moses Banks, 
William W. Taylor, A. Cartoway, J.'M. 
Mountgomery, J. Tolivirs, William H. 
Lee,- Albert Lee, L. A- Ban line, B. I.. 
Thomas, Edw. Hardy, H. Holland. C..A. 
Hunter, Allen Collier, Vt. Grisb'y, 3150A 
Laclede ft**-;' Rev. G. A. Conway. 


(Continued from page 1.) 
Btftte of Missouri, 
City of St. Louis; S3: 

William H. Harrison, being duly 
sworn .upon his oath, states that: 

I reside at SOU Plus Street, City 
of Si Louis, Missouri .That I am a 
registered and qualified voter in the 
11th Precinct of the 17th Ward, That 
no the 7th day of November, MIS, I 
served as ft Republican Judge in the 
said precinct and ward. The polling 
place is located at 3149 Lftoledo Ave. 

When Lawrence James Taylor came 
to the polling place in the early morn- 
ing, he was challenged by Chas. A. 
Mills, the Democratic Challenger, on 
the ground that he had been sent to the 
penitentiary. Tsylor was marked on 
the books u a qualified and registered 
voter. He insisted upon -voting, as did 
the Republican judges. Taylor denied 
the charge, but Mills still persisted tha t 
he would got in trouble if ha voted. 
Taylor then left the polling place. He 
walked outside where he was arrested 
at Mills' order, The charge against 
him being false registration. 

William Jenninga, of 3125. LaolOde 
Avenue, came to the polling place 
about 6:10 In tho morning. Chas. A. 
Mills, tho Democratic Challenger, laid 
that -he had ■ police charge against 
him. I asked Jennings If he had ever 
served time in the penitentiary. He 
said "no," I then asked him if he 
wished to vote and be said "Yea." I 
told him to go ahead. Mills then had 
him arrested. The officers In this poll- 
ing place seemed very anxious to make 
arrests. In the afternoon Jennings 
came back and inquired if his vote bad 
been put in tbe box. I said, "Yea." 

William Davis, of 3013 Laclede Ave., 
came to the polling plsce about seven 
o'clock in the morning.' Chas. A. Mills, 
the Democratic Challenger, had a list 
in his hand with Davis' nsme on it. 
He challenged Davis' vote and told 

trouble. Davis said hi would vote 
they hanged" him. Til 
Davis. While he wan Raiting for the 
wagon, the election eommlselohar* came 
and cited the law (concerning tha fast 
thftt the voto of ft majority of the 
Judges It necessary to prevent ■ man 
from voting). David was then released. > 

There was another man, whose name \ 
I do not recall, whose experience waa .1 
similar to Davis'. -aJ-* ' 

When the election commissioners \ . 
visited the polls they sske.i, "What 1* 
the infttter here!" I replied that the 
Democrats had a list which they were 
using in the intimidation of Colored 
voters. Mr. Bnder then asked who the 
Democratic Challenger was. I replied 
that there were two. Mills and Casey. 
Bnder then asked who had the cre- 
dentials. Mills replied, "I have." 
Ruder .then ordered Casey to le«re. 
After the election commissioners left. 
Mills turned to me and ached me "why 
did you tell the commissioners that' I 
waa having these men arrastedt" I 
told him that I bad only mentioned 
his name as being one of rtbe Demo- 
cratic Challengers -and that Casey was 
also included, in the remark. Mills 
then, said, "That is all right, 111 see 
you on the outside," and accompanied 
thia remark by calling 'me a vile name 
which la unprintable. ' I paid no at- 
tention to this remark, bnt continued 
my work. In a few minute* he made 
aeveral other remarks a* to what he 
would do when he got me on the out- 
side. ■ I tben replied "Well, Mill*, I 
do not live here, I have to go home 
some time." Mills then said, '■Well, 
I'll see." While I was working Mill* 
made several remarks and all of them 
contained language that is unprintable. 

(Signed) Wm. 


Swom to and subscribed before n 
this. 16th day of November, 191u. 

Homer G. Phillips, 
Notary Public, 
My commission expires March 

that if he voted be would get in 1817. 


By Bessie Page. 
Pastor Moeeley delivered a. splendid- 
sermon last Sunday. Extensive 'prepara- 
tions ar* being made for the aext rally, 
members are aiked to do full doty. 
Deacon Temple lost her favorite aunt, 
Hester Roach, of Central Baptist. Her 
aieee, Mr*. Nule Milton, of Pbila- 
deiphia. was at her bedside. Pastor 
Moeeley urge* all main to be out Wednes- 
day night. Don 't miss covenant, 
March 4. -Mr. Rhode and Madam Page 
had a delightful visit in Kirkwood, 
Sunday. Visitors and strangers are al- 
ways welcome. -. 


auditorium was packed Sunday 
morning to listen to the wonderful and 
inspiring message of Dr. W. H. Peek. 
Bis Sheme was, "Power end 'Salva- 
tion." So vivid was the pietor* he 
painted, and so deep the impression 
made, at .the conclusion when tbe in- 
vitation was extended, three united 
with the church- Two in the 'all bloom 
of life and activity, the other an aged 
vateraa, whose s«a 1* almost set, but 
eager to Ight with the .little strength 
left her. It win a beautiful sight. The 
endeairorert are booming. Yiu 
■specially invited to attend the Seniors, 
Sunday, Merest 4, A p. m. Coaseerstion 
Meeting. The meeting win be led by 
Bro. B, A. Walton. He 1* an enthusi- 
ast and a splendid Gospel singer. Wj 
expect a spiritual fsssst. Mr*. Lotlis 
Bell, an. artist 'of merit will preside at 
the piece. We are delighted to report 
the retnra of our - en Mm. Fannie 
Feck, mnch improved In health, which 
•re hope is permanent. The doctor 4s 
all smiles now. and is ready .to roll up 
his sleeves and plunge might and ranis 
sate is* nay Mopaadeu duties; 

You are cordially invited to attend 
the A. C B. at Wayman Chanel A. M. 
E. Church every Sunday* at 6:30 p nt. 
Mrs. 8. 8. Woodfolk, President; Bev. 
A- R Dobbins. Pastor. 

the Bunday school, raising (25.00 for 
the month of February and turning it 
over to the ebureh. A bcantifa) ailk 
banner waa presented to the primary . 
department by the superintendent, Mr*. 
Alexander. Bev. T..B. .Gardner deliv- 
ered tbe morning sermon and Rev. L. E. 
Hancock the evening sermon. . The 
church is progressing nicely raising for 
the month of February 1150.00. Pastor 
Dunavaajt is able to be nut again. The 
B. V. P. U. at S:30 p. m. rendered « 
program, the main speaker being 


Wilson Dswson. 

lee on Friday n en ing, February SI, a 
Sower reception will be held. Boms 
of the beat mediums in the eity will 
t advia*. 
Special offering for the 
fund J. S. Weatherford, Rector; 
M. Harria, 

awl for Trial «*4tr* 

registered letter, nusasnr order, stamp* 
* — J rnssrneat if met sari«W»sry 



Sirs.. Mabel Turner, 
seriously ill. 

A. Bobineoo, ■ pro p a Ml v* 
mm who Uu for uvenl year* .bl 
St. Louis representative of e Chicago 
tailoring establishment, will open his own 
•torn, at 10M H. T ' ~ 

onlay, lb. Bobto 

oma TQr j attractive materials and 
prion on Spring 1 

Give him a boost. 

-. Jordon Thompson, 193(1 Belt, 
ha* been quite ill it improving 


Era. Fred Wilton, of Memphis, Tena., 
an indefinite visit to relative*, 


Clan James, SSI Etwood, spent 
i'il «od visiting relative* in St*. 

Urn. Johoie Marshall, S205 Market, 
rho in viailing in Memphis, it .ex- 
ited lo return in a week. 

Mr*. Ida May Jo net, 4063 l 

Bella, entertained Tuesday in honor of 

Mr. and Mia. C. C. Gilbert, the newly. 

POR RENT: Four unfurnished rooms 
wilh modem ronvonicnees. Apply 3*23 
Lawton. (3-8-8) 

Mra. Maggie Cannon ban been 
aiek lilt for tbe paat week and i 
, flned to her bed. 

Mia. Annie Wheeler, of 3127 Lawton, 
who has been ill for some time, 
now ablo to resume her duties. 

March 2, Union Memorial Brother- 
hood will hold a public installation; 
a special program will be arranged. 

O. W. FnUsrlon, of 8113 Pine, was 

called to Forrest, Ark., on account of 
the -illness of his' father, Richard Foil- 

Mrs. F. TJ. George, of 8781 Milla, 
waa operated on. for appendicitis 

Thursday, ' Faltta***--** .garfetmdi 
tion is lerioo*. 

Mr*. Helen MeClure, of Chicago, who 
haa been visiting bar eouata, .Mr. Geo, 
Laptley, 480* Finney A*» 
Banea Hospital. 

■tin la 

. Mr*. M. E. Brown, 8751 Market St 
ii visiting friends at Mound Bayou 
,Mia*. While there aha ia.the gueat of 
Rev. and Mr*. Felton. 

Mr. and Mra. J- I* MarshaU, 
have been mah'-g their borne in Cin- 
•iauti, Ohio, have retained to the city 
HiMM has**, J&M-M ichyn 

Mise Fkry King, a I eacker in th* pub 
lie aeboole at Jefferson City, spent tbe 
week 'a end ia St. Louis, as the gueat 
of Mr*. M- L. Christopher, S01B Laslade. 

of Mr 

Mr. Roaeoe Smith, brother 
Walter Trice, returned to Seattli 
tar the bnrial of hia mother; kla aiater, 
Lulu, accompanied him back. 

Mrs Mary Cars-lie- Morton, of Mor- 
ton* Gap will spend a tow weeks in 
the city the guest of bar daughter, 
Km. J. W. DoWwes, of 541 8. String 

LOOT.— A long leather card eat* 
with assail white purse on the iaaide 
•or** email change and Yale-lock bay 
Return to Argus Publishing Co.. 8941 
Market Pleas* rstuia the hay by 
stall, if nothing els*. 

Mr and Mr*. Bug*s Riehssood Free- 
man, 4112 West Balls, are bsiag con- 
gratulated upon the birth of a eon 
wham tbey have named Rug** Rich 
mond, Jr. Mrs. Freeman will be re- 
numbered as Mia* Willie Ban. 

Mrs. ArUrvi* Williams, formerly Mis* 
Marshall, of 45SB Cottags, hat r*- 
turncd from s visit in No Orleans. 
While ther* ohe bseame the wifa of 
Kr. Richard WUGaau, 
1*50 Pin*. St. Mr. William 
turn alxmt May 1. 

The. E. h. C. Club met with Mra. Etta 

■unaon, 4359 Finney Avenue, Monday, 

Feb. 19. The afternoon, was spent trans- 

g business. A. palatable luncheon 

waa served by the hostess. The next 

nJsetiog will be at the residence of Miss 

O&e Calhoun, 3108 Clark Ave., Monday, 

March 0. Miss Ode Calhoun, Pre*., Mr*. 

Ida B. Bpivey, Bepnrter. 

Corneite* Hughes, 4010 W. Belle, aue- 

ined a broken arm, Tuesday by being 

kicked ' ' while cranking his automobile. 

The Carnation Embroidery Club met 
their regular monthly meeting Feb- 
ruary 83, at the residents of Mr*." Dor* 
Priest, 20» 8. LeffingwcIL Th*e mem- 
ben spent a delightful afternoon trans- 
ting business and also crocheting. 
Mrs. Lenior Gamble, Mr*. A. Leaxan- 
dar, Mr*. J. L. Morgan aid Miss Blanch 
White were guest* of honor. A deli- 
luncheon waa served by tbe hoet- 
The. next meeting will be at the 
residence of Mra. Annie Golden, 4388 
Garfield. Mra. A. Ransom, Pre*., Mra. 
L- L. Loin ban, Sec 'y, Mrs. Amanda 
Woods, Chaplain, Mia. Viola Andrews, 


birthday party, headed by A. 
Spencer Lucling waa extended to Mu- 
ter Joseph Barnett on hia twelfth 
birthday, February S3, at the home 
f hia psrenta, Mr. and Mra. William 
Barnett, of Webster Groves. Those 
present were: Miesea Bessie Barnett, 
.Vaotni Arnett, Master Alphonaus Agee, 
Albert ilill, Richard Agee and Claude 
Simula, Misses Fannie Agee, Mattie 
Agee; May Ague, Camilla Agee and 
Anna Mao Price,. Mr. and Mra. John 
Lewis, Job. Logan and ].. R. Inge, and 
also Mise Lizzie Thompson, bis aunt. 
Mis. Naomi Arnett had the honor of 
reeeiriog the first slice of birthday 
cake. All loft -wishing Maater Bar- 
sett many more birthdays. 

- - -a.—,*- -■■ - 


The club' mat at tb* reaidsnee of 
Miaa NeUie Greene, 1Bi9 Goods. The 
following works of W», C. Bryant were 
reported on and discussed: To a 
Waterfowl, Forest Hymn, Fairy Tales, 
Little People of the Snow, .African 
Chief, June and Thalia to pais. Hi" 
optimistic view of life characterizes his 
works.. MUs M. V. Campbell, teacher. 
Review of Chapter on Actual Ednca- 
tion of the Negro Prier to ISfil, by 
Mis* J. ft. Is* via. Visiters: Mrs. Jeasie 
1). gnliiaana sad Miaa C Harris, suag- 
ing evangelist. If*** xanatiag at tb* 
resideatee of Hies G. X. Diekssm, 8751 
Walnut, March B4, 1917. Bubjeet: 
Woman in American Literature. Miss 
G. L Dickson, president Miss J. B. 
Davis, secretary, i 


Th* news reached us too hue lilt 
week to send to 'press, therefore, 
hsve two weeks In one. 

Tbe eighth grade class, of Delany 
School waa the gout, of Miaa Ada Me 
Field at aa old time candy pulling 
party, Sunday efteruqpn, the 1Mb 

Mines. M. Brsdly, M. McCaully and 
M. While were the guests of Mr*. Me- 
Clifford, of Alaska Are., Sunday eve 

' Many of the Corinthian members 
were in attendance at ' the rev iv i 
Compton Hill Sunday afternoon. 
is a great meeting and much good is 
being done. 

Mr. .Mr*. Wa Dove,- at Mem ph. 
Tean., are making their horns here and 
have , taken up residence on Pennsyl- 
vania Avenue. 

Mr*. Green Fields visited- Mr*. Hat- 
tie Bowman, of WsllWfln last week. 
We are indeed glad to hear of Mra, 
Bowman is eonvuleacjng. 

Mr- Hugh White met with an aeel- 
deat at his stork by getting his foot 

Mies A ana Bella Ch* 
W»t Belle PL, enterjained at dinaer, 
Sunday, ia ksssor of her cousin, Mr. 
Chaa. 8. Car*, of Clevatauad. O, The** 
•reaewt vara Mieee. Barrisoa, 
OH,** Cessna*-, Diana Mae Bout*; 
Messrs- Rhey Orae aad Tredwey Street. 

Mr*. Sank Washiagtoa, «f Mil 
Franklin, whs left last Thanday for 
fill and Oi la III —a. was greatly *nr- 
prissd at hay hone with a sis -course 
fliaaet give* by Messrs. Gaias, OiUispie. 

. sad apent a eebfatful a**> 

. Mi. J, Fred Crawford, of 4341 Maf 
iit in, entertained the Motes Cytle 
GVsb, — J ajeeeay: Feh, 34. After as- 
uxefeetiaf m e ett ag. "lref le a k me n u wer/ 
■arvsd- by th* sharsstas; wit* *f the 
wast. Card, afforded the 
la* nmeiaihir of th* evsmbag. sir 

Tee nrk ar* Mr. C C Black. Moeea 
WMs* -sad Mis* Nasutie' rkurpp, alee 

A aerie* of mntioa pielors* will be 
■hoera in St. Louis aad vicinity 1* 
ginning Mank 5 a* follows; Every 
Monday aight at M. Jame. ■ M. E. 
Casreh, *J1« Papia, Braty Tuesday 
night at «€. Peter*.' A. Jf. E Church, 
EUiott snd*Me*rtfotnery St*. Every 
Wedseaday aieht at Nswport. 111.. K- 
of P. mall. I**ny Thnrsday night, 
Brooklyn, IH, LaT«jay SehooL Etstv 
Friday night at Trrs* Light Baptist 
Charvh, East St. Lewis. 


George Bibb 138 a 14th 

Mr*. AsnlaBragad ....'.... 183 S. 14th 

Hnbard Thomas 8831 Lawton 

Ozzie WagsUfT ......... .8831 Lawton 

Ernest Jon** ........IU$ N. Garrison 

Leona Moon. 8710 Morgan 

Bora* 8. McAllister . .New York City 

Allie H. HsmptOTi 48mr St. Louis 

Ralph Wiu.hhw.ton 3140 Pine 

Freddie Lytaa Ltttto Book, Ark. 

Willia B. Young 8310 Chestnut 

Etta Mae Chappelle 4005a Cook 

Jackson Uuthiio 4807 W. Belle 

Mary L. Lova <1 T * W, Belle 

OwenHuntar 8928 Pine 

Viola Martin 8S30 Lawton 

Oscar Harris St. Louis Co., Mo. 

Mra. Annie M. Tucker 311S Clark 

Joseph Bovineu 4087 Pine 

i.Tnmar 3503 Lawton 

John 8. William* 4158 W. Bdle 

VAtharina- Proctor 4158 W. Belle 

Robert Corti* ...... 1008 Brooklyn 

Ftoreneo Stinard 1018 Brooklyn 

Johnnie Lawson 8S1S LaSalle 

Ettla Campbell 874* Lueaa 

Augustus Turner 88* B. Channing 

Annie Hamilton .... B.Clayton, Mo. 

AreUe WHliam Green. .. ,88S3a Market 
Anna Mae Long . .yrCTT. ■ • 1006 Brooklyn 

Barber ...-.(. 913 N. 12th 

a Jam*. ...) «« N. 12th 

William Clark 105 B. Chemung 

Lena Love E0OB Morgan 

Arnel 8. Turner 4031 Deli 

Julia E. Robortain.4357 Cota- Brillis 

Thomas . Jaekaon 8889 1 

Mrs. Hannie Jacobs 8634 Bern 

Howard M. Sharon. 2S88 S. Lefungwell 

Gladys Slemmous 8518 Baldwin 

Ely Boberaon 3185 Laele.le 

Sabra M. B. Adams 403T Fairfa 

Joseph E. Harrison.. .,..8958 Matkc 
Hazel Brooks 1018 Bsndleto 


Boston, Mass., Special to the Argus. 
— A very pretty and unique ante-Lenten 
party was given in the beautiful homr 
of Mrs. Arthur B. Cassell, in DotVDM 
ter, on Monday, the 1 9th inat., will 
Mrs. Cassell and Mrs. A. J. Ooaain, ol 
St. Louis, a* ehaperoats. More than t 
dozen young Indies enjoyed a delight 
ful seven course luncheon, at which the 
decorations of St. Valentine and the 
color scheme of red and white were 
carried ont. When the rop'ast was near- 
ly ended, there were found hidden in 
the sherbet glasses tiny cards, announc- 
ing the engagement of Mr. Bernard 
Oosain, of St. Louis, and Miss Dorothy 
Carolyn Lee, of Dure heater, daughter 
of Mr. James Lee and niece of Mr. and 
Mrs. Arthur. Cassell. A novel game, 
entitled, "How to manage s husband," 
eompleted the festivities. The young 
ladies present were: Misses Dorothy 
and Helen Lee, Susie, Gossiu, Florence 
Terry, Ethel Marshall, Grace Wash 
ington, Mamie Tarty, Mhrjorie Bar- 
nett, Beatrice Walker,- Mildred Craw- 
ford and Crystal Byrd. The day for 
the wedding haa not been natued^ but 
sumo months will elapee before it takes 


Minerva ChararMrUln, City Sanitarium 
50 year*. 

Aetna Strode, 1653 Shenandoah 47 

Pfaatou Davie, 41J4 Pepin. ...... .88 

Lilian Person, 4346 Labadie 1» 

tVrn. Winfleld, 1023 Morgan 50 

John Eddy, 3956 Fairfax 55 

Alien Lamont, 4880 Kennerly 81 

Emanuel Christ » ell, 80S & 15th SI. 35 

lltry Waters, 27E5 Lneaa 8 

Sherman Briseo, 5380 Norttrup. 8 

Plunk Washington, Klrkwood, Mo.. 88 

Dallsj Girtey, 4660 Cottage 40 

Albert* McGull, •000' F*pin 26 

Moses Sargent, 3B9 Papin.. 58 

Malls* Marshall, 8837 Morgan .65 

Babccea Wilson,, 1703 Morgan 74 

Inft. Roberson, 4897 St- Ferdinand. 

Susan Finley, 1318 Morgan 37 

Samuel Hodge, 0808 Wells 89 

Caroline Vaughn, 8384 Pine Bar.. i, 88 
James Barnes, 60S So. GerrisonK . . 2 

George Smith, 2615 Wash 49 

demons Burgett, 1033 Eureka 89 

Daisy Smith Gold, 929 Brooklyn 3.1 

Howard Crump, 8W7e Clark '..45 

t>ank Scott, 7010^ Minnesota. ... .35 
Eugene Williams, 1110 Franklin. . .;«7 

Benj. Crowler, 3418 Lawton 59 

Hell en Cbaphcll, 3784 Rutger 1 mo. 

Frank Bowen, Jr., 4048 Cook 8 mo. 

Jainea Winston, City Hospital 45 

Wallace Wilaon, 8837 Lueaa ;.2S 

Susie Wilson, 2837 Lueaa .....47 

Joe Wm. Banner, 8305 Walnut 16 

Lee Travis, City Hospital 48 

Bella Harper, Kialoeh, -Mo 32 

Frank. Timmona, SSSS McKiSHOck. . .41 

A very pretty home wedding Friday 
of last week was that of Mi« Maggie. 
Woodfolk, 4174 Want Balks, to CUaaaa 
a Gilbert, of 12 Lenox Place, at the 
hosae uf zb* hriaW, at 4 , 'clock. Raw. 
Dnhbina, el Waynaan Caasp*!. eSakakreV 
ing. The brid* waa handaeaely 
gowned in ■ delicate pet, trimmed In 
Valenciennes hue' The bridal veil of 
tulle waa confined to the coiffure with 
a chaplet of pink roses; she carried- a 
shower of Ophelia rose* and carnation*. 
Miss Johaie Lee White* of Nashville, 
waa maid of honor and wore a dainty 
net with an underlay of pink nit in. She 
also carried a bonquet of piqk carna- 
tions and sweet peas. Mr. James King 
acted aa beet man. . A reception was 
held from 8 to 10 o'clock. Many 
handsome and useful presents were re 


Hate mad* to match any costume, al*o 
blocked Any design copied. Shape* 
for sale, trimmed free. Prices reason- 
able. Mra. Wm. Maeklin, 4871 St. Fard 


The regular monthly meeting of the 
"Poro" Agent* of East St. Louis. III., 
and this city,' will b* h*ld at "Poro" 
College, Monday evening, March -5. at 
6;00 p. re. Each agent must be pres- 
ent on time. 

We wiah to thank our many friends 
for word* of sympathy and floral of 
ferings during th* illness aad death of 
our daughter, -Lillian, who departed 
this life Friday, February S3, 1817. We 
also extend our thanks to Dr. B. F. 
Abbott and Dr. N: L, Smith for their 
kind aad consoling word*. Mr. and 
Mr* R. O. Person, 4346 Labadie. 

Calhoea. hair sa-sriabat, 2817 
is offgriif special lndne«****ts 
to *n a*w ■•**«■*. Phone, Boaaoet 
1603-8. • * " , 

LOST— Awatah braMlet. ease No 
H033S1, at Central Baptist Chunk or. 
between Bwias; aad 3S00 Lawton, Sua 
day night- Bator* aad receive reward 

Miss Lillian Person, the eldeat-dnugh 
ter of Mr. and Mr*. R. O. Person, quiet 
ly passed awav on the morning ol 
February 83, 1917. She was aiek on!; 
a short white, but she bore her sick 
new with patience. She realired fron 
the beginning that she would not re 
cover. Lillian wm a sweet girl uoi 
true and affectionate to her parents 
On last Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock 
a largo audience assembled at I 
Memorial M. E. Church to pay thi 
tribute of reapect to this dear loved 
one. Tho funeral was attended by l)t 
B. F. Abbott, her pastor, assisted b; 
Dr. .V. L. Smith. Dy her request th 
chair snug three of her favorite sung? 
She leaves a, mother, father, sevei 
brothi-rs and sisters, other relatives am 
a host of friends lo mourn their los> 
But their loss la heaven's gain, Peac 
be tu her ashes. 

Rev. B. 0. Means, D. D., fieorgia's 
noted evangelist, is now holding a great 
-evival' at Wayaan A. M. E. Church, 
23rd and Wash. Dr. Dabbins, pastor. 
Great crowds are attending nnd much 
1* being done. He ia ably assisted by 
Uiss Evangeline Harris, the sweet 
Gospel singer. Dr. Means has a mes- 
sage for the women of St.. Louis and 
will deliver tbe same at said churcb, 
Sunday aftcraoon. ■ Subject, "Tbe 
Elect Lady." At the same hour Miss 
Harris will talk and sing to men only 
at St. Peteis A. M. E Church, 2003 H. 
Leffiugwell, Rev. S. P. Picker, D. D., 
pastor. Monday night, at Waynian A. 
M. E. Chuieh, Dr. Means will preach 
a sermon "On Nails." Every person 
is ashed to come and bring a nail. At 
tbla meeting a silver offering will be 
taken. Don't fail to bear this sermon, 
7:30 will be the hear. A poison and a 
nail! A person and a nail! A person 
and a nail! 


Sunday, March 4, ia Quarterly Meet- 
ing. The presiding elder will be pres- 
ent. Communion at 3 p. m. Rev. W. H. 
Peck, pastor of St. James Church, win 
preach (he communion sermon. All are 
Invited, especially the persons joining 
the church during the revivaL Lova 
feast Monday night. The revival which 
has been going on foi two weeks closed 
Monday nigbt with much success. Dr.* 
8, G. Means and Miss Harris, tbe 
singer, proved qnite a spiritual power 

Dr. E.' 

League 8u 

In 'appreciation of the many cua- 
tomera who have found that Re-No 
■lands on its own merit, I am Insert- 
ing my card for the benefit of the pub- 
lic. Mra. Lola OTMU, hair culturist, 
1710 Lawton Ave. Phoaa: Romont 1493. 


. w 


Isaac Clark, 2662. Lucas 




. Fcbruarv 84. after a 



teaa ■ 

ad was buried Thumiitv 

i a. 



Kt. Elusbeth's Church. 

:>i ii*'-. 

ns years old anil leaves 

a w 



Mrs. Rachel Hroun. two 



srs. Henrv and Feliz 



alter arrived from' Chi 




Mrs. Malt I* Cook, an 



a, 111., also attended. 

Mr. Walluee Wilson, 223T Lucas, died 
Monday. March 26, and his mother, 
Mrs. Husie Wilson, who was a sister 
of Mrs. Albert HcdReman, died Ihe 
ni-zt dav. A double funeral was held 
al St. Peter* Church. Elliuit and Mont 
^■imery nt 2 o'clock Friday. 

Officer Andersoo Logan, of Chief Al: 
leader's, staff, was called, to Auxvasae, 
Mo„ last Saturday on account of J,ba 
diustb of his father. The remains w«b 
taken t« New Braonafield and rntarzead 
ir. the family cemetery hit. An eleb- 
orazo floral orTeiia*; was uraJcrad, ia 
reapact to Mr, Logan, by the St. Loui* 
I'utioe Department: 


In loving mcn^iry of Alice Stephen- 
s..n, who departed this life February 87, 

Had he asked usj well we know 
We should cry. Oh spare thi* bbw! 
Tea, With streaming tears should pray, 
"Lord, we love her, let her stay." 

But tHe Lord do'th nought amiss, 
And since H* hath ordered this, 
W* have Bought to do but still 
Rest in silence on His will. 

Badly missed by her friend, Mamie 

In aad but loving remembrance. of our 
dear sister, Bertha Tntto. who de- 
parted thi*. life five yean agn, March 
3; 1912. 

Day by day, we sadly nils* you, 
Tbey may think; the wound ia nestled. 
Bat they little knew Ihe grief that 

within our beans concealed; 
Not gone from meniory, aot gone from. 

Hut gone to a Fatherly home above 
Aad while you rest ia peace. 
Your memory we shall always keep. 

Sadly missed by Reaulah Hyler, 
sister; C*rT P. Tnlle, brother. 


Facial Mtutage 

Do You Believe in 
Safety First ia Hair Culture 

I f M Start Kf«Vt aad Insure Safety By Usinf 

"The Slaughter System" 


Lydk's Hair Beautifier 

TraaU Mark, Reg. U. s. Patent Offk» 

Guaranteed to Grow Hair in Six treatment* or 
money refunded. We handle Human Hair Goad* at 



E. Slaughter Gamble 


3001 Uwton Ave. St. Loyis, N*. 

$0 75 


rasto.c.4 C.ld 

rmmJ BrUiP work, 
lux & tn*ut>«u 

tVBMTt 1 1, 



^ B a*V> 

■d n-k. i 


We also giaraalr* | 
the teeth will MA leal l 
Unfially-bresvkia. mf 

The VAN-DOW DENTAL CO., 614 Olive St. 


Tfll; BASKirr COAL] MEN. 

1 Basket for—' -— 

6 - " " 

13 " ** - 

28 M " , : 


,50 ■ 


r $2.00 

cau, rmn oi wuti mhmwt tu raokVT biuvut 

I. E. Banlu and Watlnns 

111 1. Leetkrf wall. ' 411 1. Larrtsfnil. ' m I. bast 


I wuh to ■'.•■'■■'. my siaeere thanks 
to friends. Beijrhbors and postal clerks 
for their sympathy and kindness and 
! '-aatiful floral offrrisc*: also Rev. A. 
R. Dobbins aad l'i[.t C. H. Tandy for 
their kind words of comfort in the sail 
hoar in tne Was of my beloved h'oa- «V. (larrett. Tk* be 
reared wUel 

Agents Wanted 

To Hraawlt DUMATAS HAlBaa. 

ICirU* TUATUMT. A S£2£2ff* 


The Only Xxcluatv* Chsvrtered Colorsd 
Cemetery in the Vicinity of St. Looia. 
It u rWS*rt.riae , Free tare la Altiati tmi* 

NX! af LOTS $25 la $1N . Will WM Prtaa 3 to 9 Adah laritb 


Adult .4 .- :— . 

Child oipr f ysar* and under la year* 

,r lyear " " S " 

I 10.00 


Adult J 

Child over 5 years and under 10 years.. 
"1 6 " 

__, " •'* ":... 


Weather, lowering devices, Employees in uniform and ather latest 
equipment. Every effort is being made to (rive oar people a well 
kept, high-Kride cemetery SubatantiaJ improTementa ha>e been 
arran ged for, and the -work, will be begun early in tne spring, 

Ma*y pstssm e*ry« psjeksssj IWssily baaial lot* and an hnVtaA rsBrsaes»i 
im^TMnamwi: All less *a*> to tbe beeary of th* C**a*sa*y. Frae 
e ^ aaanoBil s ssa-viee is al lb* disyosal-of aay aay erne it eei rn at t* seas— s bwriel 
k*. Parens** atrw baton tb* price* adswaee. .'- , 

Call BelL Kirk w omI Z87 - W 

FRY'S Bust Cot Rate Drug Store 

Service, Our Motto We Deliver the Goods 
* ■'• ' BW1NG and MARKET ST. 

Central (OSS 




Negro Business 



owe iiMsawnoN 

Parsasnal, Business and Pro- 

jBuB*t_ SUa^Rata, 5c per 
liftu; minimum Toe,. 

Brip Wanted, Situations Want- 
ad, For Bent Rhorna, Itounw 
and Board. 5c per line; mini- 
mum 15c. 


jOc ner inch 
n 1-t iTiif .Ada. 


•WIVE Y -a nil ITOU 

i*e *Jd Picket .tort, JaXar*** u4 
win ATM. CM rat* pri***. lasts 

ui b often Imitated, Wt *•»** 


taaiii beautiful 1st MUM, witt 

tdH tlMMMB Uuk nIIu, mW la 
Ua^ fH, aad goed oiateca w.ui ooi 
the easel**, twa poa-sh** oa aortA *»* 
ntk bIn. Or aart old la fr*at, aaar 
tWt Ro**s Worth «,»*», t» •* 
•eaagfct far »i,**0 ease. 0*11 aad re- 
■M, 4H Boaaiuim. At*. Apply at 
t*T B— *ss*-s A..., Clayton. M». A»k 
t*. »*mi*i Wail. (t-lf> 

FOR HALE; The oarer **ys "tell." 
This is the be»t bargain on \V. .Belle, 
A five anil 4ii room single dat. Ua« 
and pled no fixture*.' In flirt' class 
condition. Terms, to milt. See J. L. 
Mitchell, 83*1 Market, Fbone, 'Bom. 

' FOR RENT: furnished room. att«a. 
floor. Nowlv dfcnralnl with all mod 
orn convenience. 405J West Belli 
Lindi-U SS23R. f'J-ia-*.) 





• ii ii bath, furniah 

id; otoctrio lights ar-d 

telephone free. Forest 38B5M. 



WANTED.— !3 

building » 


Steady emplovment. 



Cohen Swarts Rail and 


Co., 23 

Breach St. 



n for 


et'eadv Job, livo 




at the Oilt Edg. 


Co., H303 Mar 

tat street; 

rOR RENT.— Neatly furnUhed 
room, hot aid cold, water, furnace heat, 
sleetria light*, for gentleman, 1174 
Weet Belle 1-3-1T 

'FOR RENT.— Neatlj 
mom*, modern convenience, 
and third floor front, lira. EkJe*,J 
Luc a* Are., Bomont STQE. I JU. 

roomi; heat, phon 
432U West Be tie. 

-Nicely furnished 
i and elertrie lijtbti-. 
Phone, 5554. 

Tuner, Rep«rrcr a 
of FtaDsi Reed bad Pipe Organ 
Lxpert Work Guaranteed. 

HiriemwiV. MO A. liBJlM 
TiVJ Lawton Ave. St. Loom, 


Yob caaant aflord to negiact yoe* 
ilti If tbey bobber you, bait tbaa* 
tcaic-t free. OLaaeci fitted frasa tie* 
Fifteen years' experience. 

2MS Market St. 



Licensed and bonsssd, electrical 
contracts*?. We will wire year old 
or new house asd famish yon fix- 
tures and fire yoa six month* to om 
year to pay for It Fans rented. *osd 
aad repair**! 

-TltC MM k red. 

The violet* an trhta, 

I need year a anah 

And other* do too." 
CaS or writ* me. Z3i! Morgan. 
RrimoBt mi. Cfcaa. H. Smith. 

R..I (ald-Ulad *yefta*M* far *«ry 

* dollar, lleuy baeh If ye* want 

Sale hi o* day aad Ta**day at 

Harry Q. Pougl***, Pr**eri»«em ton* 

fiat Quality and Serviat H.ora, MO* 

North Pendleton Arenqe. 

W« actually **U yon to* gtaaiae 
-gold-Ill led ayigla**** or ip irt uh i 
tram**, guaranteed ta «*»; 1-Wsh lt- 
karat gold filled, and to waar far hen 
year*. BbnOa* gteaae* eieawh***, *9tJ> 
ap. With the** frameo la a yair *f «i 
g***in* pariaeopie eryital laaaaa, ittod 
free by ear erpert optUaa, who ha* 

f urajahfd^ jtle**M. For 

FOR RENT.— Neatly furnishiJ room 
modern coeveDienee. Nb other room 
en. Mr. rtabford, 408S* Wert Bellt 
Lindell 1353. 32-4 

MSN WANTED: Cotorad men 21 to 
U inn of age, wishing petitions a* 
linaiH- ear porters or train porter* 
an lfiaaetart roads, write for applieV 
ti«n bUnk and informatiOD. -Vo ei 
aarieae* neeij—aij- » 


Iadte.*apoli*, Ind. 

hn*l*— partner with eaah of |.vni. tr. 
ga ene-half. lateraated traeh farm 
lag. pealty and bog-eai*ing, with rtaad 
at MM Luled*. Farm at Barnhart 
Mas » Bailee from St. Loal*. R. 8 

FOR RBMT: Family of two haee 
neatly fnrniibed rooma for eoepl* or 
gentiebw. VBl Wert Belle. Phone, 
LiadeR 1SS4W. 

FOE RENT— A nice fnr*i»bed f™n 
•eeaad'Boer, far gentleann. Call Sui 
day. SMS Cook Are. Phone. Liinde 
3311 or Bomont t3M- */l-l 

■ rOR RINT: Naatlj Purniohed roorna 
front and hack with all eonreoi. 
RIB Pin* St. 





Odd Fellow.' Hall 2923 Uorgno 
StrcaV Newly decorated lodge 
room* and reception halt for rest. 
Special attention to print e recep- 
tion.;. Rent very reasonable. Set 
janitor or call the tccri-iuy'j oSee 
r-hoae. Delmar 4299 

Beenra a alee, wans,} (urnijiied reoat 
for the wiBteC. Oonanit ta* AdT*rtte 
tng fiolaaua* la the Argna. 


This Handy Way of Buying Often 

Cause for Those Sleepless 

Nights of Worry. 


Every Pen on Real In* Pirt Credit 
Playi In Commerce and Bad R*- 
eult of Unpaid Bill— 9o Pay- 
Up Youra Now. 

The FTBrtlce ot having a "Pay Dp 

eek" each year baa taken well all 
over the country — and It baa now be- 
a natloual habit to consider tbe 
Impo rtnnce. In a business sense, of a 
Pay Up week. 

Too many of us get In the bnblt of 
having thlnga "charged." It It M 
handy, bo convenient — Beams like get- 
ting thing! without pay. We are all 
Inclined to feel that we are going to 
have much more money some other 
day than we Bnd'ln onr pockets today. 

The reason that Pay Op week takes 
so well la because it has been found 
of Inestimable help to the world of 
credit . One of the principal slogans 
used for the occasion has come to be: 
Til Psy My Bills, So Ton Can Pay 
Tours." A moment'* reflection win 
show wbut a eplendld thing* this us. 
Think of how many times a single dol- 
lar may torn over In a single day, 
with a practice like tola. 

You may owe tbe jeweler a dollar 
for repairing a clock; and the jeweler 
may owe the Bhoemaker a dollar for 
repairing his shoes; and the shoe- 
maker may owe the botcher a dollar 
for the but bacon he got; and thai 
butcher amy ova tbe tinner a dollar 
for tbaJMt g"*ng° on lie bejlghtr 
■awl the UWHC may owe the clothlop 
Car* ■htrt ; and tbe- clotblar may o***V 
tbe druggl*!. tat a bottle oftfteCBetne; 
and tbe druggist may owe you * dollar 
— so. doa't yon see," yon get back yoar 
dollar and wbat a wonderful lot of 
debts it baa paid In the meantime, and 
yoa anil have It. 

And yon can go on for yourself la 
this line, abowlng the illimitable good 
that a "Mt-rry Dullnr" can do In • 
day, by paving' neglected bill*. Every 
thinking person realises the part that 
credit play* In modem commerdallara 
and the baneful result of unpaid bill*. 
Credit baa been *o abominably abused 
that every bnalnea* roan and dtlien 
feel* the drag of tbe heavy credit load 
h* la forced to carry.--' 

Hurrah for "P»y Dp Week." 



2117 Market St. 

....ICr*. Lena Ward Was In East Bt. 
Louis (art week with her sis tor, ii n 
Moiley, who is quito sick. . . .lira. Eva 

Cook, of Bt, Louis, and Mi*. Lei » Smith, 
of Omaha, are visiting their parent!, 

Itr. aad lbs. Geurgo Crittenden 

Miss Oeorgla Searey spent Tuesday, 
vhdttng Lincoln High School In East 
.St. Louis. 

&IRKWO0D, HO. ■ 

By U E. Hawkins ' 
Mr. Frank Waahinglon died- Satur- 
day morning, Petinury 14, after an ill- 
nee* of several months. Re was a mem- 
ber of Olive Chapel A. it. B. Chnreh. 
He U survived by * wife, Mrs. Addle 
Washington, and mother, Mrs.' Harri- 
son, of Webster Groves. Tho funeral 
was hold Tuesday ifterdoon at 2 p, 
m., which wo* largely attended. Rev. 
Harnett, pastor, officiated. Burial was 
a't Father Dickson 't. Cemetery. ... Mr. 
and Mrs. Jss. Forkner, and little son, 
Ta*. Jr., of . Greenwich, Conn., are the 
guests of their father, Mr. W. B. Davis: 
Winee their arrival Jat. Jr., has been 
111 with bronchial tronblo and Is grippe 
but it ntondily improving by the c!6»0 

watching of Dr. McClollen, of St. Lcnis, 
.....Several days ago Mr. Forkner 
bought the beautiful acven room resi- 
dence of ths late Mr, Wm. Edmonds, 
who died three years ago, also the 
four apartment flats owned by Mr. Ed- 
monds at a sate price of 13,500 Miss 

Alice Jones entertained Tuesday night 
in honor of Mr. and Mrs. JiuC Forkner, 
of Greenwich, Conn, A delicious lunch- 
eon was served. 


By Miss Dayie I". Baker 

Miss Sophia Mudd was hostess to the 

Art Club, Moudny evening, at which 

time delicious rr fresh men ts wera 

served Master Clarence Reynolds 

entertained a number of his friends at 
hie home Saturday evening, with games 

and lunebeon The friends of Mr. 

very sorry to learn 

i-nil M:i,li. 

f hi 


George Maul, and' niece, Mr*. Rossje 
Madison, of Bonne Terrc, visited him 
Hundky. .. .Rev. Spurlock was success- 
ful in reaching bis father's bedside be- 
fore he passed away. In the absence of 
the pastor the congregation enjoyed a 
sacred program, Sunday, rendered by 
the young people. . . ,'At the Washington 
Social, Thursday evening, Mrs. An- 
toine Murphy won the can of cherries. . 
Mr. and Mrs. Chas. Baiter enjoyed'hav 
ing their son, Booker, spend the 

week's end with them Mrs. Susit 

Smith, of St. Louis, attended to bnsi- 
no** here Saturday and returned homo 

Monday Mis* Cosotta Boddie is 

quite ill it ber homo in South Farm- 
ington,...A number of ladies went to 
Bonne Terra Friday in answer to the 
announcement of the demise of Mrst 
Greenlee, wife of Bev. Greenlee. The 
remains were taken to Om»ha, Neb., 

Saturday morning Mrs. Charlotte 

Clay received the news that her grand- 
son, James Hill, of St. Louis, got his 
foot broken while running an elevator. 

The A. M. E. Church observed 

Washington Day with a tea party.... 
Tbeie -nre only flf ty-flve more days of 
school. Avail yourself of the oppor- 
tunity to visit school Mr. and Mrs. 

Gabriel Cayce havo returned from St. 
Louis, where the latter has been taking 

medical- treatments Mrs. David Bu- 

ford, and daughter, Laura; enjoyed a 
week's viiit st'CoDman, the guest of 

Mr-- and Mrs. fied jC&unalU Mr. 

Weynian Chnppoli* attended tu Itusi- 
nes* here Saturday ., .JKisi "3aith. 
Cayce spent [he wees. 'a- and will ham* 
'fntkf and returned'to'' Mineral Point 
Monday." . .Mr-. Sestt Colo and Master 
Kossuth Baker are the guests of Mr*. 
Lucile Martin, of Bt. Louia. . .Mr. Onon 
Poetop has employment in St. Louis... 
Regardless of the high 'coat of living, 
Cupid' is busy. Somebody's hope cheat 
.;« being irplenlshed. 


Will Promote a Fall Growth of 

Hair, Will also Restore tbe 
Strength, Vitality and the Beaa- 
tyoftheHair. If your Hair ia 
Dry and Wiry Try 

East India Hair Grower 

If you are bothered with Fal- 
ling Hair, Dandruff, Itching Scalp 
or any Hair Trouble, we want yoa to 
The remedy contains medical proper- 
ties that go to the roots of the Hair, 
atimulatQS the skin, helping nature do 
its work. Leaves the hair soft and silky. Per- 
fumed with a balm of a thousand flowers. The 
Dest known remedy for Heavy and Beautiful Black 
Eye-Brows, also restores Gray Hair to its Natural 
Color. Can be used with Hot Iron for Straighten- 
Price Sent by Mail. 50c: 1 0c Extra for Poatavge 

1 Hair Grower. 1 Tempi* Oil. 
1 Bhampoe. 1 Prssain* OIL 
1 Face Cream and Directions 
tor Belltai*. f.oo. 
2Se Extra for Postage 

S. D. LYONS, Gen. Agt , 314 E. 2d St 

Oklahoma City, Okie. 

Why Many Women Will Not Wed 


To be a lovely and a rearful thins; . 
For all of their'* upon that die. I* thrown. 
And If 'ua loot Ufa ha* do moty (a brine 
To thorn but mockeries of the P*it alone.' 
Tbe majority of men believe that 
look forward to matri- 
mony aa the aoin- 
tli.ii of tbelr life 
happiness or nn- 
nspplneaa. B n t, 
let me tell yon, 
there are qolte aa 
many women who 
would not wed 
tbe beat man ever 
■tapped In shoe 
leather as those 
who are antlona 
to find heart 
mi tea. Tbe. rea- 
sons why some 
women won't wed 
are many. Not a 
few of those who 
are well-to-do 
look upon would- 
be anltora as tor- 
tone hnnfen, heartless craature* who 
are not on love Intent but are only con- 
cerned In flndlng out bow mach a wom- 
an la worth. Though a man doe* fall 
in !(*(• with auch a one, she la not in- 
clined to give his honesty of purpose 
the benefit of the doubt. 

Outer women fall In lova with ne'er> 
Co-wells, bnt are wise enough not to 
marry. Tbey solace themselves with 
courting over a long period of years. 
Onrlng that time, affection merges Into 

There's another class of women who 
will not wed— those who think that 
every man who crosses their oath Is 
not quite good enough. They are look- 
ing for .a prince or a millionaire, and 
are of the kind who will not take 
Shakespeare's advice, "Sen when yoa 
can, for youth and beauty's fleeting.'' 

Some women ur<- restrained from 
marrying because of the load which 
tbey are carrying on their shoulders, 
fearing that a husband would not ears 
to relieve them from the .support of 
aged parents or helpless younger broth- 
ers and alstera. Thus they go ttnwed- 
ded, martyrs to duty- 
vast numbe:s of women refuse good 
offers ot msrriige, for reasons that are 
ludicrous. If they were not ao pittfuL 
Absurd would be a better word for It. 
One pretty girl told mo lo all serious- 
ness that she had refused an exemplary 
young man because aha feared her at- 
tractions would fade early, aa did her 
mother's. When, her beauty went, aha 
would not be able to attract a* long- 
er. Another girl refused a fine young; 
man for the reason that ha had two 
young alstera of whom he was very 
fond. "Ha would think as much of 
them aa he did of me," she confided. 
"That would make my Ufa miserable. 
I ahall never mari^unlraa It be 'a man 
who baa nonliving relative. I could be 
reasonably sure of such a man'* un- 
divided heart.' 1 She la still alngle. Her 
Ideal man la not likely to materialise. 

These women are happy in their own 
way, no doubt. Marriage doea not tare 

■ (Ccur right, mi) 

■i wwmmszm 

Labor the Greatest Blessing in Life 



Spirit Medium 

Eleetrie light, free telephone, hot and 
cold water. Phase Lindeil SS23R. 41SS 
W. BalVt- ■!■»-*.) 

FOR RENT- Mostly. turaiaked' rem**, 
gee* Soar beek, gntlsna prsfwrsd. 
eony—i— e tt*» I-tel-de- 
17MR. (l-tt-4:) 



Stess*. a>nt M Wijar JU***s* 


«14-a Urity St l^oia. M«. 

TV* N*w Penan .Law taksa ta *naV 
owa aad Colored eaalUra aa well a* 
others. Writ* a* for' e*py *f aaw taw 
Bad kaow year rights. Send M *eni*. 
Bead t* Pitsajarabl * Belp, P«si.s 
Agaaay, ladaaaapsWa, tad. 

For Sale 

Be-it baixaia OB W. Belle 
*sj5 aad fi room flat. Seal Cheap 

441UW. Bella. See . 
.'' J. E. Mite he U, 


aartnoiiD rajjat 



* 2y£$ nJ?Sf g- «- err 

|1I1WI H.II1 •sa-saaaTOaiATl. 

By lClsaB. Idpac 
' Rev. C. M. Miller, pastor of the Bap- 
tist Church, preached a special (ermon 
to the- Stewardess Bister*. A aeat shut 

wu realised Miss Louise Ellis, of 

this city, bs* become the bride of Mr. 
Johnson, a letter carrier of Spriugneld- 
. ...Rev. A. M. Todd, of the M. '¥.. 
Church, was the visiting preacher at 

Bridge ton Sunday Dr. £1. F. Abbott, 

of Union Memorial, St. Lonis, will 
speak at a special rally hers; On the 

lOtb The Tyler-Pole Comedy waa 

well attended aad the boy* are highly 

pleased with, their success Miss 

Josephine Winn aid Mr. Ban Iieinan 
were united in matrimony this week, . . 
Mrs. ii. 0. Bowman 'entertained the Em- 
broidery Club, Friday afternoon. Rev. 
C. M. Miller and Rev. C- B. Bowman 
war* the gneets of honor. ...Those oa 
tha sick-list an: Dr. T. J. Jackson. 
Maadames Loekhaidt, Mary Edward*, 
Mia* Edith Beet aad Arthur Scott- . 


la aarUar day* tt wo* ctsmrooe 

buyer* to say to tbe •tore keeper. "Pot 
It on the alata." wblcb happened - 

Work is not the tan tm tf tmm of tin, bnt the triumph ot man. Labor 
instead of being a aune ia the profound est bleetiag in life. 

Human labor then is no commodity, a thing to he bought and sold 
like cotton or com. Back of the hand ia the cUrscting brain, behind the 
■went are human ionginga, the love of human hearts, and the thirst of 
human minds. Capital, the exploiter of labor, it but the labor of yester- 
day It is canned industry. 

The unholiest combination the world has ever known ia the —Iflal. 
txmibrnation of the toil of yearbjrday, den>um*Jiised under the name of 
capital, against the throbbing, ; thrilling toil of today, the uncanned wealth 
held in solution in the sweat of today. ' 

Peace between labor and'capttsl mrill come only in a larger combine, 
a higher ffsternity, that will reeogniae tbe common interests between the 
seetion man with his pick and the president with bis pencil .ad hi, 
"Beady Reckoner" of percentages. 


Astieuat SuparisunonU <J Mea, 

Br* are continually meeting emer- 
ndM when quick decisions must be 
made, tfheri we 

V > 

must speak or act 
on "the spur . of 
the moment." The 
Christian who 
would meet emer- 
gencies wisely 
would do well to 
study how Nche- 
mlah used what 
might be termed 

emergency prayer. 

It waa unspoken 

by the Up* and, 

aa far as we 




J'ji,ljxy Scrujul Cour** 

-Mi l Dtractor Of 
H tJ l4oodr little 


know. It WEB not 
formed In words, 
tie had auddenly 
been asked * a 
ejuettlori by the king aad he mult an- 
at once. Open his answer de- 
pended the folflllmeut of Ma hopes, 
the realization of Ma desires and the 
banishment of his sorrow. Everything 
depended upon the way In which he 
met this emergency. How easily and 
wisely he met It he tells us In the text, 
"I prayed to the Qod of bcaven and I 
said onto the King." 

Character of Prayer. , 
It was necessarily a short prayer 
and a very definite prayer. He had 
Do time to "boat round 
bush," he most coma to 
point at once. It waa very sudden, for 
emergencies do not allow tims for 
preparation; but they are never too 
sudden for Qod. We will nerer find 
Qod unprepared for our emergencies. 
He Is always there before th£y arrive. 
lie saya for our comfort : "Before they 
call I will answer." The writer re- 
ceived a telegram la Chicago one 
morning at 9 :28 which had been 
from ■ Pittsburgh at 9:90 the 
morning. Hs received it before It waa 
seat became of the difference in Cen- 
tral and tastern time. God betas < 
prayers before we otter them and 
■ ever ana* as todde 
that it Buds Qod unprepared. Of what 
unspeakable value if every time an 
emergency arose we could have at 
once the wisdom of omnisdeoce 
■ guide usT What confluence and assur- 
ance we would enjoy knowing Just (he 
right way to act and the .right word is 
Sty in all our. emergencies T 

They were not conducive to prayer. 
A banquet waa In progress at a 
heathen court and Nehemlsh waa In 
the midst aa the cup bearer. The 
world's festivities are not calculated to 
arouse a prayerful spirit nor are they 
aajggeatlve of prayer. The gaiety and 
laughter, the jentand song, the whole 
atmosphere of amusement In which 
Nehemlah found titmWUi would not he 
conducive to prayer. Nor did the cir- 
cumstances permit of his retiring alone 
and 'privately abutting himself away 
from audi surroundings. But bare la 
the midst of the noise surrounding the 
worldly world ha could pray. W« 
sometimes think that we could pray If 
wa could only get alone and quiet 
away from the oolae and the man of 
people. But tha value of emergency 
prayer Is to be able to have) the ear of 
Qod and to hear' the voice of God In 
the midst of 'any circumstances. No 
emergency, however suddenly IE may 
arise nor however thronged the. sur- 
roundings may be, need find us shut 
out from the Lord. 

Car-di t lam of Prays r. 
| First of ill, Nehtmlth una a man 
of habitual prayer. He wit in tha 
habit of taking everything to God 
When be heard the dlstreaalng news 
of the condition of his beloved city, 
he prayed. When bis enemies woolt 
atop his work, he prayed. When the) 
plotted and schemed* against bit lift 
be prayed. ' 

In the second pine-., Nehcmlah war 
In the habit of Bstenlag to- Qod to nil 
Word. He could remind God of bla 
promises, as his prayer In the Aral 
chapter reieals. It Is necessary U 
apeak to Uod, it la peruana more nec- 

; oasary to allow God to speak to ua 
Ee baa said "He that turneth away bli 
ear from bearing tike law, even hit 
prayer shall ba an abomination." I] 
we close our ears to him ha win dot* 
his ears to ns. Ht who hat God'a eaun 
if or any sudden emergency la tot mar; 
whose ear u to {he Book, In the thirc 
Disco, he waa a man oftaith, .as th< 
Last two v er se s of tha first chapter 01 
bit book shear. Ht believed Qod wai 

* what ha waa asd wcylid do what ba 
said, and this gave hfm qoletnees sod 
paace st all Unsta. lie ■• as haoltually 
prepared for any emergeocy. Oaa.thla 
be said of ual la It not true that wt 
move with anctrtsint) and apeak with 
hesitancy when sudden emerjenclet 
•nasi Art Wt not often distressed In 
■dnd after a audden decision has has! 
to ba made leat we have dadoed 
wrongly? What confidence and asatur 
ante, what tag 

rtagbt euyoy 2d the fact of those emer 
gaud at at freejutaidy met If wa has! 
tha enjoyment of emergency prayer. B 
seat not need any spoken words, II 




O0U>KN TKXT— Dive ue thta day our 

dajl? Ijr. >.].-.-.:. 1 L ■;:L1. 

Tula parable marks the high level 
of the year of our Lord's popularity. 
It la such an Important miracle at to 
be the only one recorded to all four 
gospels. Bo sure to use a good har- 
mony. The returning twelve (Malt. 
11:1) are taken by their master to a 
desert place that they might And rest 
(hfk. 0:S1» and that he might comfort 
their hearts over the death of John the 
Baptist (Matt. 14:1-12). The multi- 
tude would not grant them the right 
use of their leisure, but flocked to ibis 
retreat to the desert.. Tbey followed 
that they might listen to bit gradous 
words, and perhaps behold tome new 
wonder (v. 3). Carlisle said he taw to 
England "forty millions, mostly fools." 
Jesus saw the multitude, and waa 
moved, not with sarcasm, but with 
compassion which took a tangible form 
of service. Mark tells us (6 :Sa) that 
Jesus waa first of ell teaching the mul- 
titude. It is better to teach a man how 
to help himself than to help the man. 
We should not be surprised at Philip's 
slowness of faith. Motes in a like 
manner waa once nonplussed aa to bow 
to feed the multitude to the wilder- 
ness. (Num. 11:21-23), It la not so 
much bow great the need nor bow lit- 
tle we possess; rather, la that little 
given over to GodT Andrew, who had 
revealed Jesus unto Peter, discovers as 
though to desperation a boy whose 
mother had thoughtfully provided bim 
with a lunch, consisting of five barley 
biscuits and two small herring <v. 6) ; 
at lesst that much remained. This is 
a great commentary upon the tide of 
Interest st this time, that the boy 
should not have eaten hit entire lancb, 
for tha boy's hunger as 1 

helplessness Of the I 
that be may show his 
mend 'Vive ye them" (Hk, *;ST) 
teabhta vm that we are' to give such 
.is w. - have, and not look to others nor 
to do our charity by proxy (Prov. 
11:24-25). Again the Savior asks bla 
dlsclplesf as though he' would teach 
them the resources of bit kingdom. 
Give what yon huv.e, and be will bless 
end Increase It to- the supplying of the 
needs of s multitude. The secret .of 
success was when he took up the 
leaves, and, ^looking up," God also saw 
that day and blessed It We need to 
observe the systematic procedure. The 
people are' seated or redlulng upon the 
ground to ranks or iu companies, the 
master blessing and breaking the boy's 
cakes, giving first to the disciples. God 
works miracles through human 
agendaa only. The result of this sys- 
tematic procedure waa that they were 
til satisfied, "filled" (v. 12). Luke 

adds that "all did eat" iLs. 9:17). Not 
alone, however, was there divine order 
and lavlshness, but there were economy 
and thrift as well, for Jesus gave care- 
ful direction as to tha fragments. The 
lavtshnesa la shown by the fact that 
tha baskets Into which the fragments 
ware gathered were each probably 
large enough to which to sleep. This 
Conservation process was a stinging 
rebuka to the Improvident oriental* 
and to present-day prodigals of that 
wonderful bounty with which Qod baa 
bleaaed oar land. Qod gives to us that 
we may use tor other. Joy diet unless 
it It shared. Jesus is tha living bread 
(John 8:48), and will satisfy hunger 
and life even as bread generates In 
the human body heat, vitality and 
power; ao be would still feed, the 
hungry soul of mankind. We have at 
hand the word, and It Is for lack of It 
that men die to the deepest, truest 
sense of that wont The poverty and 
parplaalty of the dtsdpies In his pres- 
ence and In the pretence of this great 
need are being rapeetd over and over 
today, and yet It is absurd. We have 
not enough to feed the multitude. Our 
few toavra of amusements, mental ac- 
tivities and social service will not feed 
tbeta. but when we break uoto them 
the Living Bread, they have enough 
and to spare. The diiflmlty srltb the 
distribution of material bread for the 
needs of mshkind is not that there Is 
not enough grain, but rather (bat la 
the nrocvaa of distribution 
panies of men can control thVfrults of 
the earth, and arltbhold them from the 
consumer fur their own proflL Is there 
not a parable In this. for the church In 
thst it Is so much concerned with lis 
own Joys, pleasures and profits that 
It is withhoSllng from tot mass of 
mankind, especially in the foreign Acid, 
the bread which aicata can bring Ufa 
and imtaurtsllcy to light 1 

n um mary; (1) The hope of the 
worlds salvation la In the wonderful 
power of God' to mul Upl >1 n g the Utile 
are give to him it the way of tarries. 

(2) If wesetag sogUpthaw cm Qod 
thta boys ten- 
let with the service of Ue tittle maid 

ra wt. low awa 

+++++++++++++++ +++++++ ++++ 

Church Directory 
++++-M> ♦•M-t-f +++*+* ++++ ++-M*. 

' Northern Baptist Oaorcb, 408 B. 13d 
Street — Sunday eervisae, prayer meet- 
ing, S:SD a. ui.: preaching, 11:30 a. m„ 
and 8 p. m.j Sunday -school, 1 p, a; 
B. V. P. \;., 6:30 p. m.j Ulssion Clrele, 
7:30 p. m. each Monday; preaching, 8 
p. m, each Wedneadayj prayer meeting 
8 p. m. etch Friday. Bev. J. A. Shielda, 
pastor, residence, 408 8- 83rd. . 

Pkgo ? 

St. Jamas A. M. E. chuth, fit. Ferd- 
inand and Pendleton Streets — Sunday, 
Bunday-eehool, 0:30 a. a. Preaching, 
11 a. m-, and 8 p. m. Young Peoplea' 
SoeiatieB, 5 to 7:30. Class matting, 
Tuesday, 8 p. ra. Ear. William B. Peek, 

Ward Chapel A, M.. K. Church. Sin- 
Sunday uhool, 1:30 p, ra.: Tharsna,T- 
<Jlaas meeting, 8:00 p. in. J. W. Otr- 
«r, pastor. 
'nch, Mu. — Sunday, Pleaching 11 a. m-: 

St Peters' A. H. B. Church, Elli- 
ot and Montgomery St).. Sundaj; 
Preaching, 11:00 a. in., and 8:00 p. 
m. Snnday-scbool, 2 u. in. 

Bev. a a Pitoher, putor. 

St Marks A. M. E. Zion Church, 
LefBngwnll and Bernard St — Servieat 
at 11:60 a. m. Bnnday~eohool at 1:00 
p. m. Class misting, Friday evening at 
8:00. Beverend V. W. Alstork, tha pas- 
tor, will preach apteral aaaatoaav awn- 
ing and evening. 

321 BowenlSt Preaching, 11:00 
and 8:00 p.W Sunday-achool, 9:00 a. 
m. Oast m'ccjng, Thursday. 

Rev. T. L. Watson, Paatov. 

Mauut Olivj Baptiat Church, HS9 
H. lath Stra t t— P reaching every Sun- 
11 a. m., 3 p.. m. Bad H p. u.; 
Bmiday-eehooL 1 p. m.; B. T. P. TJ-, «;3o 
p. Bk.1 lansBDa Cirela, fnnrth Snndsy 
Chsreh, to each sstath. Bar, 

BETHEL A. M. E. , CHUBCH, «2i« 
Weill Ave. — Preaching Bun days, 11 a. 
m., tad 8 p, a. Sunday School, 1 p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Thursdays, » p 
m. Btv. E. L. Clarka, pastor. 

Grant's A. M. E, Chnreh, 07E4 Bleek 
Ave, — .Sunday preaching at 11 a. m. and 
8 p. in. Sunday-school 3 p. at, Hr, 
Blatlvtall, Supt Bev. W. H. Fearton, 
pastor. Beaidanet 3024 Pine 8t. 

Wayman A. M. E. Church, 33rd and 
Wash Street— Preaching 11 a. tn. 
8 p. m. Endeavor 6:30 p. m. Class 
meeting Tuesday, 8p .m. Prayer meet- 
ing Thursday, 8 p. m. Bev. A. B. 
Dobbins, pastor. 
Sunday school, 1:30 p, m. 

wsrd trtvacy, bat can be 

First Baptist Cburoh, 13S8 Clsrk 
Ave. — Sundsy preaching 11 i. a. taut 
a p. m. Sunday school, 0:30 a. ra. B. 
X. I>. U. 8:30 p- m. Pre«:hiRg, vTtdnat-' 
t by local preachers. 
Friday I p. a Btv. Wra. O. 
fulor, 43M Loeky Bt 

First Baptist Church of Klnloeh, 
Uo.— Sunday, preaching 11 a. aa. ami 
S p. in. Sandey-aehool at 10 
Bible reading at 8:30 p. m. -Weekly 
meatuip, Tuesday and Thursday at 8 
p. is. Communion, second Sunday In 
eSeh mouth. S0v. P. Bople, pastor; E. 

Leonard Avenue Baptiat Church: SB 
a Leonard Atya, — Sunday, Preaching 
11:00 a. re. aad 8 p. m. Sunday 
School 1:00 i>. m. B. T. P. P. 8:00 p. 
m Prayer Meeting Wednesday night 
Bev. P. W. Dunaveut, Pastor, 
JT49 Walnut 

Mount Zion Baptiat Church, 2624 
Ptpin Si; Sunday; Preaching, 11:0".! 
A m. and 8:00 p. m., Sundty-acbool 
1:30 p. m. Prayer meeting, -Friday, 
SrOO p. ex 

Or. J, Douglass Herban, Pastor. 

Lothertt Chureh, 1701 Morgan St.— 
Sunday preaching 8 p. m. Sua 
school 3 p. rr.. Oatteaetleal Instrue- 
tion, Thursday, 8 p. m. Day School, 
every day, 9 a. m.— I p. m. Bar. 0. A. 

Asbury hferaorial If. E. Church, 4S91 
Cottage Ave. Son day school, 0:30 s- 
m.: presnhing 11 a- m, sod 8 p. m 
Epwnrth League, fp.ii. Clsss Baet 
iug sad Bible, elaas, Wednesday, 8 ;■ 
m. Bev. W.'W, Ooff. pastor. 

Tatarnacla Baptist Churoh, 1TM Puts 
. FTeachlnt snooays, n a. m. and a 
m. Sunday-«N»I. l:»s a. m. a I. p. 
-, t:ag c . KJ . Weonetsay, I o. ■., 
Brotssrhood m«nns. fTtday, a p, m., 

V StecUos.- ilsv. B. A. UiWii. 


Second Baptist Chursh, 
Park — Preaching, Sundays, 11 a. m, 
and 8 p. m.; Bunday-eehool, 1 p. m.; 
Weakly meetings, Wednesday and Fri- 
days, 8 p. m. Bev. Timothy Font, B12 
a Garrison Ave., Bt Louis, Pastor. 


Aittioefa Baptist Church, North Mar- 
ket and Goods Ate. Prauhing, Bun- 
days at 11 a. in. and 8 p. m. Sunday 
School at 1 p. ta. B. Y. P. 0. At 6:30 
p. m. Prayer meeting, Wednesday at 
8 p. m. Communion Services, Second 
Sunday in each mouth. Bar. Wm. L. 
Perry, U. D. Pastor. 

Third Corinthian Baptist Church, 
13th and Biddle struts. — Sunday, 
prayer meeting, 6 p. m. Preaching, 11 
a. m., 3 p. m. and 8:30 p. m. Sunday 
SohooL 1 p. m. Prayer meeting, Toes- 
day night. Preaching, Thursday night. 
Fourth Sundsy in each month Coven- 
ant and Commnnion. Bev. J. W. Ball, 
pastor; M. C. Crosby, clerk: Pate 
Brown, treasurer. 

Providence Baptist Church, Eenaer- 
ly snd Pendleton Avennes. — Sunday, 
preaching 11 a. m. and 8 p. m. Snn- 
day-aehool, 1 p. m. B. V. P. D. T p. 
m. Prayer meeting, Friday B Pl m. 
Covenant and Lord's Snpptr, frjarth 
Buaatany I «. as. ktinrloa Obale Pi 
hteating third Friday, 8:30 p. m. 
!■:. Calvin Cole, pastor, 31S1 Pair 

Corinthian Baptist Church, 448 
Antelope, .Sonday Preaching, 11:00 a, 
ni and 8KH) p. m. Babbath school 

10:00 a. m.; B Y. P. c, ) p. b. y,-,:,| 
aeaday: Pretehing 8:00 p. av, Friday 
Prayer lleeting, 8 p. m., Mission aerv 
lea, third Friday, 8 p. m. Buaiaeas 
"meeting Friday before tha fourth 
Lord's day in each month. Bev. Wm. 
Anderson, Pastor. 

1ft Olive Baptist Chnreh No. 2, 1400 
Horgan Bt Sunday, prayer meeting, 
G a. at.;. pretehing, 11 a. o., 3 p. mJand 
B;80 p. m. Suaday-achool, 1:80 p. m. 
Prayer meeting and Mhisioa Obela, 
Tnasday night Prayer aad praise 
meeting, Friday night Third Sunday 
in each month ' Covenant meeting. 
Fourth Sunday commnnion. Bt*. A. 
Dickson, pastor, Thomas Miller, tlarh. 

Spiritual Christian Union Church, 
2727 Lawton Avenue, anndsys 8 p. in. 
Prldaya, 8 p. m. J. S Wtatherford, 
rector; Mn. M. Owens, sssistaat and 



Bun day- school at 10 s^ m. Praach- 
lag 11 a. m. and 8 p. ra. Bible Band 
at 5:30. Prayer servtees Thnradsy 
night... Btv. E. Fatter, Pastor. 

Tbresalanian Missionary Baptiat 
Church— 304 Montrose Ave. Boaday; 
'prayer meeting 8 a- m.; preaching, II 
A m. and, 8 p. m.; Sunday-school 1 p. 
St.; B.-Y. P. V. 8:30; Wednesday. 
preaching J p «.; Friday, prayer meet- 
ing S p. m : Uiaaianary Society, flni 
and third Tuesday ba each month st X 
p. u. Bev. David Tyler, patter'.' 

The Christian Bpl ritualist Church hai 
moved. frorh K330a Wash Bt, to 917 N 
Leonard AVenne. Services . every 
Tuesday aad Friday at 8:00 p. 
Catch Hodiamdnt ear, get off at 3300 
Franklin Ave., walk north to 917 N. 
Laosard Ave., Mr. and Urs. Crankshaw. 

fiedemption of Souls Spiritual Church, 
ns Jt Betuthont Street. Sunday 
school M-rvirB 10 a. m., ehureh aerviees 
11 a.- ». aad I p. m. ai 
Meeting at 9. p. m. Wednesday am 
Thonday. Seases. at -8 p. aa, Tundir 
and Friday, Urs. Julia Johnsou, on- 
elt; Bev. Jamea D: Miller, pastor; 
Hanry Green, nrj siirnt : alias A. Ti" 
Voorhiee, seerettry. 



Try The Argus 

Ball, Bomont 


Ice and Wood, Coal By the Basket or Ton. 

Aah Hauling and Express 


Harry M. Boeckmann 

2715 Franklin Ave. 

Ai Church of ^Ood and Haists of 
Christ, VM* Finney Avenue 
Toooay St 7:.m. Wednaaday at 7:30, 
Pridsy at 7 ",r Batnrday (flabbsthl at 
11 A m and ratt of the day Ebiar J. 
H. Anderson.' pastor. 


Tai(e core of yam oomssVrawi— - 

amaf jaw? tompUxlon aril! lose core b/jou. 
Choose Purc sjos. choose CUCHK CLCAT* 

"JMcrJet* OW sjfcm IbW p*/pow" 

BttD lot rot Latta aattts 
JAMES C.ORAHC, 104 futTOM sJT., bsbbsj 






■.-.Saturday, March 3 


L Historical Drama of tha Civil Wa 



Monday, Mnnrb ,> . 


Ulu.- Uinl Master Photoplay 

Kifili episode uf 







Fifnt Kpisode of 
The S.'iiiil Sunn-rue With 

U Entire Cut of <'The Oiri 

I'riun Kriseo" Scries 


l.-i.-liington Theatre ibis 
uwbb, barely so. 
Oca Brown, a aintjer, w 


icl up to 
be aviTiigo of fcoialn singi 

Watts and Ringgold, n team that if 
id pablo of fraturiug any ordinary bill, 
- rattier diiappoiutiag Ibis week, on 
ceeuat ot * I nl i'n I'M. Miss Kin go-old 
n» always beta a .'favorite in St. 
.'««"■ because ihe in it hard working, 

ritjiim! .and BoaMtentlDDj> utnta. but 

inea ii-aming With Watt a ahe heefuilod 
1 toko on neit and up-to-date dope 
ml theatre ({ixts art 'tiring of "the 
:imi- ihing over agBiu." 
The Gml Adams, a tri e k bicycle 
clusca ihu- rh'b» with a- lure 

Adams dooe 


eoongh "big time 
about rvrry thing. lnH|tinW| witfa hid 
biryote aa a whole aoil in parts. Mnuy 
uf ihe -Loutaaro of (he 'U'arc Devil'.' 
variety and furnish enough thrill to 
keeji tli<>' uatruna' nerve* on edge. Ho 
closes with a dance on a single wheel 
nod geta plenty of dencrved njiplnuiH'. 
1'he photoplay "The Cnborn,'' being 
featured thie week ia rruly a power- 
ful aiuf i-unvineing sermon on the evila 
at unnatural birth prevention. The 
»U>ry i.* constructed around so erring 
Mu, who muM Buffer for the Kin of 



The creol reni.nn.-d sin;;.' on 
ing picture actress 



Ball MTIrlBET' 

The Pendleton 

Baaed oa Domestic Difneultiee, i 
>ven very Interesting part*. , 



The Seven Cburrh Baptist Union met 
February M. with' the lit. Olive Baptist 
fhnf-.-h. 1405 Virru St., Rev. A. 
Diion, pastor. The meeting wan failed 
to order by President Hall. An' excel 
tent paper wai read by S;«er Hall, the 
president's wife. Thin wna followed 
by a powerful and wonderful seraon 
by our dear B«v. li W, Clemraoua, 
theme, "Qod'i Plan to Have the 
Wn'rld." The Holy Spirit *u with Ihe 
apaaker .-i 1 he brought, * burning mes 
■li' It 'a wonderfnl to attend the 
vnsetinge of this anion and listen to the 
glorioni singing and fJoepel sermon a. 
Bar. 8. A. Lava was a pleasant visitor 
mad gave a very laatrac tive talk. We 
want tke politic ta know that the onion 
ii Karckiaff oa in the atrength of, a 
mif htf. Rod aad we cordially invite 
you to eon* ud t— wltk — Nest 
meeting ta be held with the New Hope 
Baptiat Church. Kev J. W. Ellingtoa, 
paator. IMS Morgan St. SarmoE by 
Rev. Bobinaon, paatar of Bathe! Bap- 
tiat Charek. Doa't forget the Worn. 
ea i Maatlaf at tke Bethel Baptiat 
Church. Sunday, at 1 p. m. Collettion, 
|1 2.00 - Baaadktiaa, Rev. Ctenauna, 
Raw. J. . Hall, pnwdamt: E MsIidb. 

- Railroad aiaa'i uiuJ aaraaa at the 
Metropolitan A M. E. Bioa Ckwih. 
■oaday, March 4, at II a. at. Bab>«t, 
"Tba Oiaf ii Hlgbwwy." J no. Iw 
aaomd, ebalnataa; lobt. Bataa, Inu 
atnr; T. A. Creaakaw, aaeraaaLry, Poll- 
aaBa.,P*rtan ' D aaa tl AmkuUm, C H. 
Taoaaaa, pr u t l a al ; J. t Jaaka,-. traaa- 
arer; O. 3. AlaiawoW, wenun Bun 
alamt Orda* at Pallaua Pwrtata; " lav. 
B O Haw. oaata«. 

nocent girl tn marry 
tivitiea make child 
There ta no happi- 

bond nnileairabl 
noaa' in this ebildleaa unio 
roaga fur, seeks and And. 
he arlupta; only to And, af 
spell of pleasure I bat he 
his own son, born of the 
he foraoot into, hia uuo I 
dlaaarary breuka the nuio 
son refusoa la remain wit! 
who ruined, hia' toother. Tl 

ui ^- h«i.«. TaVt. There ,. not 
m rtfTjrttidnalile mreae or actum in the 
ii (ire. drama. It li u leeaon, eare- 
ollj detailed without offense. There 
■ ill be. u matinee, with leeture, for 
idles only Saturday afternoon, begin- 
ing at 2 o'clock. 
Everybody will be admitted at the 
lit unlay nod Sunday night shows and 
be SunJuy s'ti-rnonii matinee. The 
lay should be seen by every uce.~ The 
ioral lesson taught will save many a 
nBng mun nnd. woman from d'grnda- 
•in mid save many a married eouple 



The Biggeftt and Beat with its $7,000 Orchestration equal to 
9 pieces of good orchestra, including Pipe Organ. 

-Bteatlr •■ ud hu. that naivatlH I 

A Triangle Kay Bal Drama 

Thoniaa H. In^e Prodnation 

A Keystone Comedy 

A Tom Mix Western Drama " 

And One Reel Detective Drama 


A World Feature 

The Oirl Prom Prlaeo 


A Pox Wonder Play and tha 

. Crimson Stain 

A Vitagraph Supper Prodn 

And Tha Searlet Runner 


Triangle Drama, A Kayatoaa 

Comedy .ud Boatrico Fairfax 


Paths Oold Booster Feature 

than the Iron Claw 


A Fox— Powerful Drama and the 

"The Shielding Shadow,'* better 

Yellow Menace, 



Reading: Fee Low 





I. ill : , 

low ut ,the Hooker Washington The 
ra liad not been made up when thi 
rajlU . went to press. The progran 
.It include .Clark and Kinky aad Ed 
(ma Henderson and Edith Briseoc, i 
iter lean. The balance of the bil 

being pieked with care, u Mr. Tur 
o saya another "knock 



Ihe American Oirl," a aerie 
part. .Western dramas, will i 
be 'New Movie Theatre Fri 

i-h f>, and will ha shown e 

riday. ..•.','-' 
The members of the east are the 
una used in "The Clr! From Fria- 
>." Critics say it ii better and will 
-hieve Rreatcr popularity than the 
risen serial. 


New Orleans. La., Feb. 18.— Alter 
a ring tha All Race film. The Trooper 
1 Troop- .K.. in every "mixed" theater 
i this city, Ihe local manager, uf the 
ineoln Motion Pietnra Company, want 
one better by booking the great "tea tore 
to a theater which plays ta " white" 
people only; not In a dream, bat in 
actual reality. For the Srat time in 
history a aolid white audience in tbe 
south baa sat throogh aad applauded a 
foatnre. the work of Noble M. 
son and hia- capable company hav- 
ing created a diatiaet sensation, the 
^ree] thriller being featured on an 
all|sur' vaudeville bill. It would have 
dobc the hem or the readers of the 
Arena good to have passed the No 
5*me theater and to have! Man. tba 
heavy billing of the all-colored cast, 
photos and liihos. This theater. is lo 
catt-d.on Canal (Mrowt,' the Broad-ay 
of tba south, ud the fast that the pie- 
tarn went aver great shiiws tbe truth of 
tha adage that "Ability 
eaas." It drew 

By Miss V 
Wa haul a glertoua meeting last Sun- 
day, Rev. S. J. Jiihnaos, of Oresavilli, 
MisL, delivered a very interesting aer 
ssaia ta a vary aawiytakla aaagregation 
'■* aiaasbera snd «c-«at •isiUira. Two 
joined, Bro. Eppa. Jr, a. asnadidata for 
baptism, and tba other a. Lay Ckrlatlan. 
All eajaywa the .Uitiag pastor's nes> 
ind/abewad tbair appreciation bv 
ia'their ante at a proper hour. 
Loaisvilla, Ky., win 
praacjk Sunday Alt an 

bwing la'tbaar aaata 

10,000 g% 



AUGUST 19th To 25th 

19th Biennial Session of the Supreme Lodge 

Supreme Court of Calanthe and 

9th National Encampment of the 

Uniform Rank Knights of Pythias 

Jurisdiction, N. A., S. A., E., A., A., and A. 



Souvenir Program* Country Store IBarberShop 

Re «» n rant Official Photoa .-aSS Preaaing Shop 

atetona Ice Cream Chewing c una. Pop Corn and Candy — 

And ffimnra good oon rn aai nsia a a d m epaaa r a. Addreaaal! communicationa 

Headquarters Ways and Means Committee, 

Chairman Secretary 

3141 Lawton Ave. 

St. Louis, Mo. 

vwd de sir e 

euaiTela. enatiee yaw to 
and affection- ot anyone 

Iteady aad fcappr lather. »oaa ara m 

is one you lm is srtr la noovaraa, tba mitt to 

ay from business vantajraa, that kasu 
~ " rraa ara awartaCtnai 

aoa connjancfl U 
dlsoorclant ram I II us; itvaa 
yau the fuu aeorat bew to oontrol. faaal- bUd bara ta 

one rou save; ahio atlnd. aad while aa & 

sr- (acta and ngurea, ala visitor stha -ran 

weak Medl 

■tlstanoa ttilni 

NOTB.— Thasa calling rscaaanlina, our 
■s ana fHveiaua paraaaa era only wear 
lag llene eallksa en Prof. Ol&aatona. 

Mrantwty riKin st log are tha werde taai and nnva for 
owe rracn the auKlvaua Una i ~ ~ 

jour i-.i-y of Ufa baa to 

takaa him thronih all tae rn- rlc± 

>*reni> sohoala of aVrrpt. India hlnad knowtodfla aaid staa 

spa. It seams, indeed, aa If his of 

est com. from that nfjBten- pea 

' which wa all wonU kAow. naa 

eannot know. Ha loska far time aasl avoid 

raw I 
■s •• H-Ms'tUH a I 
personal ball era. 


JUST M MINUTBa FFI9M ■»•««¥«>¥ 

a* ■ a- as. 


Law Paa. Mo. aonday, 10 a. : 

tal a. 


To Mra. U. A. Boll, lot No. 772; Carl 
Duiadicker, lot So. 1656; Geo. IIol- 
brooha, lot No. 1572; Amanita Jonaa, 
lot Mo. 1,17; Walter Johnson, lot So. 
1369'; Oscar Klages.'lot No. 1316; Edw. 
Murphy, lot No: 1(H3; Paulina Milton, 
let No. 1469; J. P. Mullen, lot No. 1238; 
Mrs. W. K. Novels, lit No. 199?; Martin 
Ransom, lot No, 1211; £. M. Shelly, 
lot No. 1608; Lillie Bmith, lot No. 11»; 
Lillie Smith, lot No. 1580; F. H. Shlld- 
era,.lot No. 1347; E. 0. v7ilfley, lot No. 
1117; Lewia Young, lot No. 1S40; yon 
and each of yon are hereby notified and 
required to pay arrears or amounts due 
from you severally, for storage and 
^aargea of goods deposited .by you In 
yeur names, respectively, in our wara- 
rooma, 3 2 IS- 30 Olive St., in tha City 
of St. Lhula, Mo., and that auch pay- 
ments be made before Saturday, March 
17, 1017, and notice is hereby given In 
eaaa, of year neglect, or default . to 
make such payments, tba tfoods will be 
■old to pay such charges, at public auc- 
tion, to tha highest bidder for cash, at 
3218-30 Olive St., in the City of St. 
tenia, Mo., on Saturday, March 17, 1917, 
at 10:00 a. en. 

Pressor's, Furniture at Storage Co., 
St. Louis. Mo.,' February 21, IB 17. 


Qirla, ladiaa, be independent and 
self-supporting. Earn S3 to |5 a day 
or evening at homo in your span 
Learn tha Modern Art of Beauty 
Calture. Learn Artistic Hairdreasing, 
Manicuring, Shampooing, Face Mas- 
saga, Sealp Treatment. How to weave 
manufacture hair. How to make 
tehaa, Cornet Braids. Pompadour*, 
tt. Front Pieces, Pin Pnuin, 
Transformattona, Bangra, etc. Straight- 
ening, Bleaching, Marcel Wave, Siag» 
ing. Dyeing, ate. How to be a lady') 
maid. Mroe. DeCarroll, an old ej(>eri- 
eaead and wall known hairdresser; and 
Beauty Cnltariat, will teach you tha 
French and American Art of Hairdraaa> 
lag aad Beauty Culture ia bar Blue 
Book. Tha'loaaoaa are plain and *idb- 
pla. This ii an opportunity, for every 
ambitioaa girl to learn an honorable 
and diguated profession and start oa 
tha road to sueeaee. Every wosaaa 
•herald hare a eopy. For a limited 
tiaae the priea of thia- book ana beara 
reduced to at. Send your order to tha 
Ideal Company, Box 10, Station Q, 
New York City. . JJ* 


You, your deter, or probably your 
mother ara ailing and have suffered 
the untold torturaa of agony and have 
triad every known remedy with no ru- 

Yon probably are anffering from 
backache, - bearing down sensations. 
nervousness, tired; feeling, inability to 
atnnd or walk for any length of time, 
pains, soreness in the abdomen, or 
other ailments, auch as" leucorrbea 
(whitaa), gonorrhea, iteanhg, olcera- 
tiona, catarrhal, aeminal and mucous 
di s eh a v goa. Theae ailmeats often apt 
pear aa « discharge ' and ia osusl iy 
one of the llnrt atgna of a diaaaaad 
condition of the vagina. Sometimes it 
ia very irritating and produuea aora- 
neaa, and even inflammation' of the 
parts with which it come* in contact. 
It often causae a disagreeable itching. 

Do not dope four ayatam with in- 
ternal .ramadlea. Oat haine'a Aaapas 
a a aa a a hn They ara highly raeomraanded 
for ail non-anrgteal cases . of weak- 
neaa and disorders pfn^BT to wom- 
en. MUaa'a Aalaptct Kones ara sold and 
recommudad by all leading druggiata. 
If lut will not supply yon they will be 
sent direct upon recaipt of price. 

Trial sue, Ton Aaepto Eonaa, 50a. 

Regular sire, twenty -four Aspeto 
Konea, 11.00. 

Oldest Engraving H cuse 

It, St. Isaa^anaaa 

325 Loeuat Street. 4th Hoot 

We Buy and Sell. Pup 

Canaries. Parrot*. Etc 
Call or write 
Now Bird aavd Dtvg Starr* 

SUIOavaSL St. Loui 

Advertise in 

the Argus 

CaassAhft leahl 

Mme. Lindsey ^M 

Ctnarcat Traace Spirihialij, 

She can tell yon what you weald 

like to know. 

She can inatruct ;yeu in all your 
boaineaa matters 

uAMiroa so corrs ah* op 

From T JO a. as. ta MO p. m. 

6152 Minerva Arc, - Wcilitoa 
L-T^i-i ssal 3t.Chartss Cars 




. I want to aay io all of my proapactive 
buyers, I know timea ara hard just 
now and I an going to make propoai* 
tions thia m..nth aoaordiag to yoov 
pockatbook. I will tak'a care of yon. 
Coma in. I hava coma to stay. I 
have anmaient backing to do anything I 
wish for my awn color. More than 
that, my enatomera get, la addition to 
my low prices, aa high a quality aa 
can be had from aay store in the elty, 
and a guarantee on ovary piano of from 
It) to t0 yawn. 

I now have five young men aniiaitlng 
for me, after school bouts, who an snak- 
ing a reasonable laeeene. 

It's no trouble for ma to show yon 
my upright pianos, prieeai from SO0 to 
•500, ar playara from (350 to (1,00a 
So eonae in, make ytaar awn terms for, 
moat iTvnTvrY C. BL WA TIONS, 

■ IMS Laclede Ave, 


I will teach, yoo to pie y the 
Violin in 30 Ueaona. Yam* 
money beck 

aoae Bossnai 1TZI nradaa MOO Paw St. 

FOE RENT: Seeond floor beak room 
with a>aet aad all modern eonveaiaaue.' 
Two dollars a weak. 3310 Lawtoa. 
Phoae Bora'oai 116*. t*>H.) 


Advice given in 
Life, Grre Lack in 
and Speculations, Law Suiaa, 
Settle Lover's Quau-rola, briciga 
' separated together, mikes 
peace and hapaineaa in f ami ly . 

OairTeyaat, ftafearM TeaW 

•US lastsaj Ave. Weaaa*a m " I 

Dae Ealomite Laundry MarnaL. the 
world's greatest walking discovery. 
Bavaa tfma and Laagtkeaui tha Ufa sat 
elothae. trnaraateed to. raaava dirt 
aad stains without using tke 
Board" Send ISe for trial pMTIfrt 
ar call. Agenta wanted For Hia by 
Maruel Supply \Co„ tMa Lawtoa are- 
nas St. Loaia, Mo. • 

Ufa sat t 
ra dirt 

ariaa* \ 


This elegant TB-p 
■adar new managwnentv A 
lor family or transient naa. Newly dee- 
orated end has 10 hatha, steam heat. 
reaaonable. Be*. N. A, '. 

1S45 Wnrgua ttwt, 
Phone Bomoat 1S7T. 

Varna e*" lW r ***° 

FOTJirD al LAjyi 

Oreaa tea f qui d it Poai ti «ly fa 
nV A eaura tura fee rteamal 
ralgia, ha wdaehaa, pains ia